Uh-oh! Vice Ganda get a taste of his own medicine. Radio host thanks TV host for contributing heavily to the dumbing down of our citizenry

Jose Marie Viceral aka Vice Ganda rose to prominence for his comedy bar brand of comedy, making people laugh by throwing insults at random people in the audience.

In the midst of the anti-ABS-CBN memes making the rounds on Twitter, the comedian, Vice Ganda @vicegandaako retaliated by making fun of the ABS-CBN critics on social media.

In his tweet, Vice Ganda said in sarcastic tone that tomorrow, the trolls will spread the fake news that ABS-CBN did not pay their electric bills. The next day, ABS-CBN did not pay their water bill and so and so forth.

Vice Ganda’s tweet, as expected from his millions of followers, has been a huge hit, generating 59,400+ likes and 6,400+ retweets.

Of course, the supporters of President Duterte isn’t amused with Vice Ganda’s humor on Twitter, especially him calling the DDS “trolls”.

On Facebook, radio host Mark Lopez, whom we all very well know is a staunch Duterte defender, slammed the comedian and TV host.

Lopez wrote: “Sure Mr Jose Marie Viceral, you can mock and belittle those who are making a stand against your network’s egregious sins against the Filipinos.”

Lopez agreed that this Vice Ganda’s forte – making a living insulting people using his brand of humor.

Jan ka naman magaling eh. Yan ang kinabubuhay mo, ang daanin sa biro ang pang aalipusta sa kapwa mo. Trolls talaga ha?

Lopez said he is not surprised that ABS-CBN anointed him as their poster child. “No wonder ikaw ang poster child at pambato ng ABS CBN. You and your so-called talent.”

Lopez said in a voice of resignation that he was fine with that. “Oks lang yan.”

At this point, Lopez, in a sarcastic tone, thanked Vice Ganda for his contributing heavily to the dumbing down of Filipinos. “Perhaps there is a reason why the clamor to shutdown the Kapamilya Network is much louder than all of your shrill and bravado. By the way, thank you so much for contributing heavily to the dumbing down of our citizenry.”

Lopez offered his theory why the call for the shutting down of ABS-CBN is getting stronger each passing day. “Baka kaya malakas na ang panawagan na isara ang ABS CBN eh dahil panahon na para naman mag level up na ang Pilipino.

Lopez ended the FB post thanking Vice and saying that the Filipinos are now enlightened. “Salamat Vice.Mulat na kami.”

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Source: Mark Lopez

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