UK citizen asks US Sen. Durbin on open letter: ‘What right has an American politician got to interfere in the Philippine Justice system?’

An open letter in reaction to US Senator Durbin calling President Duterte to release Sen. Leila de Lima from detention has been creating quite a buzz online.

UK national Malcolm Conlan expressed surprise that the US Senator called for the release of de Lima without even understanding the facts of the case.

I am really surprised that you today called for the release of Sen Leila De Lima without even understanding the facts of the case?

Conlan asked Durbin how he would feel if President Duterte called publicly for the release of an American citizen who is in the same shoes of de Lima?

“How would you like it, if President Duterte called publicly for the release of a American Citizen, awaiting trial in the U.S on suspected Drugs charges?”

Conlan asked for Senator Durbin’s credentials to lend some kind of credibility as advocate of De Lima’s freedom.

“Are you actually involved in the case of De Lima, have you suddenly become her legal defence or are you in any way involved in the Philippine Judiciary?”

Or right as an American senator to meddle in PH justice system.

What right has an American politician got to interfere in the Philippine Justice system?

Conlan informed Durbin that President Duterte has said on several occasions that the detained Senator is not a victim of political persecution as De Lima wants the world to believe.

“President Rodrigo Duterte has put the record straight on a number of occasions that Sen Leila De Lima is NOT a political prisoner.”

Otherwise, VP Leni Robredo would have been in prison a long time ago because she is one of the President’s harshest critics.

“If this was the case, why is Robredo not in prison? She is one of the harshest critics of the President, yet she is free to speak publicly and hold as many press conferences as she likes without any hindrance.”

Conlan advised Drubin to put his house in order before criticizing a Philippine president and its justice system.

“Before being critical of the Philippine President and Philippine justice, I humbly suggest that you get your own house in order.”

Conlan reminded the US Senator that the Philippines has ceased to exist as a US colony a long time ago.

“No longer is the Philippines a slave to America, the Philippines is now an independent sovereign nation, with her own laws, processes and Justice system.”

Conlan updated Senator Durbin regarding Sen. De Lima’s situation and sounded sorry to disappoint the US senator that the detained PH senator isn’t lock awa in some darkened room with only bread and water.

With the greatest respect, Sen De Lima is not locked away in some darkened room with only bread and water, in fact she still has the freedom to speak to the outside world and if she wanted explain her situation herself, she doesn’t need some Senator thousands of miles away to jump on the bandwagon and defend her, when in fact you don’t know the details of the pending case.

Conlan expressed confidence that Sen. De Lima will be granted liberty as soon as she has proven her innocence in the local court and will continue making inaccurate and wild accusations versus the Duterte administration.

“I have no doubt that within time her case will be fully hear and IF it turns out she had no involvement in illegal drugs or any wrongdoing, she would be released and she will be perfectly free to continue her unsupported, inaccurate, wild claims about the government and Duterte administration.”

Conlan ended the open letter telling Senator Durbin that De Lima has continue to attack President Duterte from her detention cell, therefore saying her freedom of speech is curtailed is a huge lie.

Wait a second, she is still able to do that now, so who said her freedom of speech or right to be heard has been curtailed?


Malcolm Conlan
Concerned Netizen,
London, UK

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