UK national writes candid open letter to Rep. Gary Alejano: “Enjoy your stay,hope you make lots of money from gullible people!”

Despite feedback from Filipinos in UK that Magdalo Rep. Gary Alejano’s UK visit has been a huge failure, the opposition Congressman has stirred a controversy on social media.

The Magdalo Rep. has been dragged into the controversy by a certain Gene Alcantara who threatened report British national Malcolm Conlan to the police for causing trouble by advertising his restaurant speaking engagement in London.

Conlan is a known vocal Duterte supporter on social media who does not back down from critics.

Conlan has taken to Facebook to clear up the issue hurled by Mr. Alcantara against him.

Conlan assured Alejano that he will have a peaceful and trouble free visit to London in the open letter.

Conlan though did not hide his displeasure against Alejano whom he said has been spreading fake news against Duterte before international audience in the past.

You may read the full letter below.


Dear sir,

I hope you don’t mind, but I thought I would write to you personally to welcome you to the United Kingdom and assure you that your visit will of course be peaceful and trouble free.

Why am I writing to you like this, I received a warning from a Mr Gene Alcantara, that he would in fact report me to the police for apparently causing trouble by advertising your restaurant speaking engagement later today.

Sir, I hope you will appreciate that we have certain rights in the UK, whether we are citizens of this country or not, one of them is the right to freedom of expression and the right to protest.

In fact, although I am not the organiser of the protests during your visit, I can assure you that we have studied the various laws and advice to ensure that our protests and rallies do not impeded your activities.

Of course, I am sure you appreciate though that there are many Filipinos in the UK and foreigners like myself, who do not welcome your visit. One of the reasons of course was because in 2016, you maliciously reported President Rodrigo Duterte to the ICC, falsely claiming that he was on some kind of killing spree in the Philippines?

You are also here to spread fake news, I can say this for a fact, as one of the topics you are apparently speaking about is ‘Rodrigo Duterte’s Drug Killings’ which there are none as President Duterte has not killed even one person. It’s all just fake news by biased international media and trouble makers who wish to make the President look bad.

President Duterte was democratically elected by over 16 million Filipinos, because they are sick of the drugs epidemic raging the country.

Yes, President Duterte is a tough speaker and a man of action, but he is no killer. He just uses rhetoric to rid the country of the evils of illegal drugs and corruption. Sometimes however, some drug dealers go to far and actually face up the police and PDEA with force and as a result loose their life. This is regrettable but entirely appropriate.

Many in the UK are concerned that you and your colleagues are trying to destabilise the government and oust President Duterte. In fact I know you have a history already of trying to overthrow an elected President.

Sir, enjoy your stay and I hope you make lots of money from gullible people, but don’t be surprised if there are some Filipinos who raise their dignified objections to your visit.


Malcolm Conlan


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