Umagang Kay Ganda host Gretchen Ho under fire for insulting tweets versus Duterte supporters

Umagang Kay Ganda host Gretchen Ho is under fire on social media for insulting tweets versus Duterte supporters on Twitter.

Gretchen Ho was reacting to Duterte supporters who did not agree with the TV host’s #DefendPressFreedom tweet.

Here’s what happened!

Ho tweeted that in a democratic country like the Philippines, citizens should be free to speak blah, blah against the authority, apparently lending her support to the embattled Maria Ressa.

In a democracy, we should be free to speak against, criticize and challenge authority. Without that, how can we hold our leaders accountable? #DefendPressFreedom

Ho’s tweet was music to the ears of anti-Duterte critics like former SolGen Hilbay who tweeted encouraging words to the TV host.

Of course, in a democratic country, everyone is entitled to their opinion and freely expressing their views or opinion albeit contrary to Ms. Ho’s opinion.

Don Juco @bryndonATJ asked Ho why Ressa still tweeting if her press freedom has been curtailed?

Defend press freedom? Huh, e hanggang ngyon nag ttweet pa rin si ressa?

BevRyle Crisp BevEi09 tweeted: Question lang po kase im not updated. Nagsara/pinapasara na ba lahat ng news agencies, newspapers, tabloids etc sa Pinas kase your hashtag is defend press freedom?
Then how come you can still tweet your sentiments or views about current leaders/authorities?

Ms. Ho’s next tweet did not help at all after calling those who reacted adversely to her earlier tweet “paid trolls and eggheads”.

But how can you reason with paid trolls & egg heads? It’s a warfare online, and we’re getting caught in between.

Be smart & discerning, folks.
Don’t let the internet fool you.

Ho’s tweet made the buzz on Facebook as well, eliciting further angry reactions from Facebook netizens.

Facebook blogger Noel Landero Sarifa wrote an emotionally explosive open letter addressed to Gretchen Ho, pouring his heart out for getting called “paid troll” by the TV host whom he described as someone he look up to.

You may start reading Noel Sarifa’s open letter now.

Dear Gretchen Ho,

Ayaw na sana kita patulan, you are a public figure and ang taas pa naman ng tingin ko sayo. Kaso kung anong taas naman ng estado mo sa buhay ay sing kitid naman ng utak mo. I supported Pres. Rodrigo Duterte way before I know he is running for President. 2013 pa lang I already wished na sana tumakbong Presidente ang noo’y Mayor pa lang ng Davao na si Duterte.

Even before campaign and way back before he declared his candidacy, andami na naming supporters ni Duterte Online, We have known each other through group chats and Duterte posts, even we are not friends, didn’t know a single thing about each other, complete strangers but when we talk online it seems that we have known each other for so long. We don’t have a leader, no one drives us but our heart, brain and our goal works as one. I guess it’s not about us, but it’s our common goal that drives us together.

Way before the now President Duterte declared his candidacy, guess what? I met this people personally, in Intramuros and In Luneta they are not fake accounts! They are not posers and same as me, we are not paid! We came from different walks of life, I’ve known very rich people yet very down to earth, I have meet employees, OFW, seaman, just common housewives and yes some of your friends in showbiz we wear no label, we only have one thing in common, the fist sign. In our hearts and in our mind our love and support is REAL, kasing tunay ng mga account namin sa Facebook. Nobody pays for our Data consumption, nobody pays for our internet service, nobody pays for our food and transportation, we pay and buy our own campaign materials, sometimes nag-aambagan. My campaign editing materials online is free of charge, I am only using free android apps. I never received a single peso from Duterte, I even spent my own hard earned money. Same goes with all the Duterte supporters I know who even spent hundreds of thousands out of their own hard earned money.

It seems surreal sometimes, I myself can’t believe it’s possible and if it happened but it did, and still happening. If you can’t believe that I can give you a simple way to figure it out. Try to sneak in to a Duterte group in facebook and check the facebook accounts of those who supports Duterte, you will see their accounts are real, with real faces and we’re made way back before 2016 election(except for those who were taken down by facebook merely because they are Duterte Supporters). After that you go to Rappler, ABS-CBN and Inquirer facebook page and check the accounts of LP supporters or anti- Duterte accounts, most of them if not made up names, they have private accounts, only made recently and guess what? not even real pictures of them, then you tell us who are trolls? If you haven’t noticed that, I pity you, or maybe you did but turned a blind eye same with most of LP supporters.

Those 16M or 20Million rather who voted for Pres. Duterte ay hindi mga pangalan ng mga patay, hindi kami ng pre-shaded ballots and if you wanted to check our votes and names in COMELEC go ahead hindi namin babasain ang balota.

Sometimes if we have gatherings, if it ever happens again as we are all busy now doing our personal business we would love to invite you and see all these faces you called trolls. If we have mass gatherings in Luneta park or wherever it might be, get out of your yellow cage and spend sometime with us, talk to us, get the real story about this real people, before you tag us #Trolls. No worries we are good people, we don’t bite.

Noel Landero Sarifa shared his photos taken during one of the campaign rallies of Duterte in the May 2016 election.

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