UN Special Rapporteur says she is now a target of extra-judicial killings after Duterte admin accused her and fellow critics of terrorism?

In observance of the Holy Week, President Duterte disappeared from public view and head home to Davao for a well-deserved break from the chaotic world of Philippine politics.

Meanwhile, Duterte’s critics have been working overtime, Holy Week included by spreading lies that the Duterte government has linked critics, including UN Special Rapporteur Victoria Tauli-Corpuz to terrorism. [Link here]

As a result, Corpuz claims, she and other critics have become targets of extra-judicial killings and acts of violence.

However, lawyer Trixie Cruz-Angeles flatly denies the allegation of UN Special Rapporteur Victoria Tauli-Corpuz.

According to Angeles, those accused of terrorism include people who are in the Order of Battle, known insurgents, rebels and NPA combatants.

Angeles further clarified that Corpuz is not listed as a rebel or a terrorist.

She said Corpuz hid one important piece of information from the public which Angeles explains in detail.

Angeles stated that the accusation against these people are now in court.

Meaning, the accused were given due process and given the chance to defend themselves by presenting their evidence. If the government’s case is weak, the accused have nothing to worry.

Angeles described this as logical fallacy: It does not necessarily follow that if you have been accused of terrorism, you’re already a dead man walking.

In fact, Angeles asked them to submit proof to back up their claim that after being accused in court, they are now targets of assassination.

The truth Angeles said, those who are being noisy about extra-judicial killings are not the dissidents or rebels but those suspected of involvement in illegal drugs.

Angeles said that under the Duterte administration, journalists and dissidents are safest.

Only a few falls under the category of political detainees—and Leila de Lima is not one of them, Angeles said.

Angeles remarked this not surprising at all. Because this is the narrative of the other parlor. Oppression. Suppression. VICTIMIZATION.

Angeles described the critics narrative in three words – depressing, wearisome and incredible or unbelievable.

Angeles told the critics in jest to change their script.

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