Unapologetic radio host calls Liza Soberano “stupidly naive” for apolitical claim after Gabriela speaking gig

In a Facebook post with the title “STUPIDLY NAIVE”, radio host/blogger and staunch Duterte supporter Mark Lopez slammed Kapamilya actress Liza Soberano’s claim she remains apolitical despite guesting at Gabriela-sponsored webinar.

Lopez began by rationalizing how Liza Soberano ended up as a guest of the forum organized by Gabriela Youth that started the “red-tagging” talk on socmed. In other words, Lopez reasoned that Soberano took the guesting gig out of naivete.

“Siguro nga dahil affected sya sa issue ng kanyang aroganteng network, madali nakumbinsi ng kanyang manager si Liza Soberano na mag guest nga dun sa forum na organized ng Gabriela Youth, na alam ng lahat na isang front org ng CPP-NPA-NDF.”

However, Lopez minced no words in calling the Kapamilya actress “stupid” and naive for thinking she remain apolitical because she accepted the gig to talk about women’s rights or what not.

“But it is so stupid of her and so naive to think that she simply talked about women’s rights or empowerment, and still remain apolitical.”

Lopez remarked that not realizing the repercussion of one’s action is tantamount to stupidity.

“She is so stupid if she does not know nor realize the repercussion of what she did. It’s not that simple Liza.

Lopez argued having Liza on board the Gabriela webinar was deliberate.

“You were actually targeted by this front org precisely because you have that massive influence and clout.”

Lopez went on to explain how leftist groups like Gabriela cast their spells on someone like Liza Soberano to work for them and will come to your senses until it’s too late.

“It all starts from that casual forum where you will be made to believe that you have that power to change the world.

You will be charmed and lavished with all kinds of praises, especially with your “strong stand” and “conviction” even though you simply memorized the script they gave you.

You will only realize it too late that you were just used and took advantage of your vulnerability and current sentiment, as exploited by your tarantadong manager.”

Lopez gave Liza Soberano a heads up what awaits her if she continue walking down the destructive path many women put in the same pedestal like her.

“What you don’t know Liza, is that before you, there were already other women who were put in that same pedestal as you.

Where are they now? They are either dead at a young age, or became sex slaves, or they now have ruined lives.

And they are a plenty, considering that this style of indoctrination and recruitment has been going on for 5 decades na.”

“Kaya please lang, don’t play us for fools,” Lopez begged.

Lopez said Liza Soberano cannot change the fact that she is now the poster girl of a group whose motivation is to subvert a democratically-elected government even if she has lawyers on her beck and call.

“And even if you have a battery of lawyers or a phalanx of security guards with you, it does not change the fact that you are now a poster girl of a group whose only intent is to overthrow the government and ruin people’s lives.”

Lopez remarked that whether Liza accept it or not, she’s now a participant of Gabriela’s deceptive and evil schemes after speaking on their behalf.

“And your speaking on their behalf makes you a participant, unwilling or uncommitted as you would like to believe you are, in their deceptive and evil schemes. You have rolled the dice Liza.”

“You have made a choice,” Lopez said.

Lopez gave Liza Soberano a warning to what lies ahead of the Kapamilya actress.

“Either your life and career will be the one in ruin, or you are about to destroy the life of others.”

Lopez ended the FB post with something for Liza to reflect on, in case she will read his post.

“Now suffer the consequence of your choice.”


Source: Mark Lopez

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