UP alumnus praises President Duterte’s self-awareness and authenticity for admitting he was wrong on 3-6 months dr*g war deadline

A UP alumnus and International Relations and Political Science instructor in FEU is all praises for President Duterte in the wake of his public admission that he has come to the realization that he failed to deliver his election promise to clean the illegal drug problem in the country in 3-6 months once in power.

President Duterte blamed hubris that made him promise to end the country’s illegal drug problem in 3-6 months. It was campaign time, and campaigning is all about hubris, President Duterte added.

Jan Writer, the blogger and our UP alumnus said it takes courage to admit one’s shortcomings.

Admirable. That’s how Jan Writer described President Duterte’s self-awareness and authenticity. He stated that this is the reason why the President is loved by Filipinos.

Jan Writer recalled Carl Jung who said only by accepting your shadow can you truly be authentic.

Digong’s authenticity, Jan Writer said, resonates with the nation.

Jan Writer wrapped up the brief FB post by taking a jab at other politicians whom he said are self-proclaimed immaculate. He said Filipinos do not buy this BS because Filipinos have high emotional intelligence. Meaning, we know that no one’s perfect. So, whoever walks around in public like they are clean are fakes, Jan Writer wrote in a forceful tone.

It takes courage…

Damn, the self-awareness and authenticity of this man is admirable. It’s why he’s loved. Sabi nga ni Carl Jung, only by accepting your shadow can you truly be authentic. And Digong’s authenticity resonates with the nation.

‘Yung iba, self-proclaimed malinis. Eh, ang taas ng emotional intelligence ng mga Pilipino. Alam natin na walang taong perpekto. Kaya lumalabas na peke ‘yung mga nagmamalinis.

Netizens echoed Jan Writer’s sentiment that President Duterte’s authenticity is deeply appreciated by Filipinos.

One netizen wrote that President Duterte’s self-aware and courage are the reasons why Filipinos love him.

A man who knows himself and has courage. That’s why we love him. He has done soooo much in 6 years, He could have done more, but opposition parties tied him down. He is the best!

A second netizen also echoed the sentiment of the above-commenter.

Yeah…💯✔️it takes a lot of courage to admit one’s mistakes…. It does not overshadow the fact that you have done so much in your term… The reason why you are loved & admired by most Filipinos🇵🇭


Source: Jan Writer

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