UP alumnus tells UP brats: Personalan lang naman talaga, walang karunungan

The drama surrounding the honorary degree fiasco on social media between UP alumni and Duterte supporters refuses to die down.

The Facebook post of Oscar Picazo, UP alumnus scolding fellow UP alumni has been making the rounds online.

Picazo noted that when UP decided to award former President Pnoy a doctor of laws h.c. degree when he was President whom he called ‘lazy’, no one gave a hoot.

Fast forward today, the entire UP alumni except a few like him, created ruckus when news leaked that UP BoR intends to give Duterte the same distinction they gave to Pnoy.

Here’s the full text of the post below.

“In 2011, UP gave PNoy a doctor of laws h.c. degree. PNoy never once authored bill, not as a Congressman nor as a Senator. The laziest man ever to be in the House of Representatives and the Senate earns a doctorate, and none from UP ever gave a hoot about this sham. So that tells you about the quality of UP people prone to making online petitions on folks they don’t like. Personalan lang naman talaga, walang karunungan.”

Let us read the comments of the netizens to get the pulse of the social media.

Harrison Imam Well said,,, Abnoy Panot ang lousy leader ever in the Philippine History,,, LoL! This history of him (noynoy) will never be forgotten!!!”

Shirley De Jesus wrote: Exactly! As if they are entitled to it, they should be helping the government for the development of our country as a payback to what the country is doing for them as a #scholarngbayan 👊🏼👊🏼👊🏼”

Ralph Abella Calibo have a different take on the controversial issue: Yeah, i support the UP hashtag #Dutertenotworthy, coz he was given an honorary degree by Peking University which ranks number 29 in the world’s top 500 Universities. Hes not worthy getting that honorary degree from his country’s university who failed to make it to the top 500. Buti pa yung isang university sa Uganda pasok sa sa top 500. Kaya bago itong mga UP students mag yabang, mga lecheng palamunin ng taxes natin. Pag aralan nila munang mabuti kung paano nila ma-i-angat yang UP sa top 500! Completo sila sa budget. Baka tuluyang i scrap yang system na yan. Ayan na, wish granted na. Nag decline na si PPRD. They have to be careful of what they’ve wished for, coz they’ve just got it.”

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