UP Diliman alumna’s armchair analysis on Leni Robredo’s ICAD report: “It’s just like you echoed the core goals ng ICAD. Nag-copy paste ka lang ba?”

Pey Esperas, who called herself the “ghostwriter” has taken to Facebook to share her armchair analysis of Leni Robredo’s 40-page ICAD report with the title: “Armchair Analysis: My thoughts on Leni Robredo’s 40-page ICAD Report.”

Esperas, which according to her Facebook resume, is a Political Science graduate of UP Diliman.

Esperas introduced herself as someone who has been doing monitoring and evaluation work for the past 5 years to netizens to convince them to listen what she has to say on the matter.

“As someone who has been doing Monitoring and Evaluation work for the past 5 years (3 years as an employee, 2 years commissioned work), let me share my insights on Leni Robredo’s much-awaited ICAD Report.”

Before turning serious, Esperas shared her personal hanash first regarding Leni Robredo’s report and guess what? She found the report wanting in terms of pertinent facts and figures. In addition, she described the presentation of the report “sabog” and “gulo basahin.”

Pero bago ‘yun, mga personal hanash ko muna.

1. I find this report sobrang kulang sa pertinent facts and figures, and while Leni’s saying they used the data from PNP which is wrong, then why come up with a report in the first place?

2. Ang sabog ng presentation ng report. Ang gulo basahin. Nonlinear postmodern ang approach ng narrative?

And here’s the most awaited part.

Esperas raised six interesting points regarding Leni Robredo’s 40-page ICAD report.

First, Esperas noted the absence of logical framework . She said she understands nothing because its loaded with complaints and it does not provide a structure to make the complaints valid.

“First, it bothers me to read through a report na walang logical framework. Hindi ko maintindihan ‘yung report kasi puro ito reklamo, but it does not provide a structure on how these complaints become valid.”

Esperas offered her two cents’s worth as to how Leni Robredo or her ghostwriter should have presented the report.

Sana you presented the report in a manner that it enumerates the overarching goals of ICAD, its desired activities, outputs, outcomes, and impact. Para may basis of understanding, both ang current situation ng ICAD at ng mga hanash mo.

Esperas noted what Leno Robredo said in the report and that the ICAD lack consistent and uniform baseline data. Given that premise, Esperas said Robredo is bound to come up with an inconsistent and messed-up report as well.

Second, you are saying in your report the lack of consistent and uniform baseline data. Given that premise, you are bound to come up with an inconsistent and messed-up report as well. Since you were already in the post as co-chair, why didn’t you take the initiative to do your own baseline analysis, since yan naman ang core work ng mga mahilig mang-hanash?

Esperas accused Robredo of trying to act as an overseer to ICAD co-chair PDEA’s Aaron Aquino and disregard the other clusters of ICAD. She also noted that Robredo’s report focused only on controversial issues i.e. police operations, funding, and policy analysis. Hmmm. Ikaw ha? More controversial to get more media mileage?

“Three, I understand that as co-chair, you tried to act as an overseer to equal PDEA’s Aaron Aquino. The ICAD is comprised of different clusters, so all of them should have been given your attention. But it seems in the report that you only looked at the most controversial areas, i.e. police operations, funding, and policy analysis. All other cluster work was only mentioned in passing, but were stated alongside your claim that they lack equal commitment and initiative. Ano ba ang basihan mo dun? Did you sit down with all involved agencies and went through their activities, outputs, and achieved outcomes? Did you ask about their issues and opportunities for improvement? If so, then asan sila sa report?”

Esperas took a jab at Leni Robredo who made recommendations like amending the community-based approach drug rehabilitation by asking Robredo for a clear concept of the amendments she wants to introduce.

Four, may malinaw na concept ka ba ng amendments sa community-based approach drug rehabilitation? Pa-outline ng steps based on your perspective for better understanding.

Esperas asked for the specifics regarding Robredo’s report that illegal drugs is still widespread i.e. in malls? in the streets?

Five, asan ba talamak ang drugs? Sa mall? O sa kalsada? Sana kasi nasa mall para mall raids ang ginagawa ng PDEA.

Esperas also “praised” the recommendations of Robredo in the ICAD report BUT she said there was nothing new. She accused Robredo of echoing the core goals of ICAD. In other words, Esperas accused Robredo of plagiarism?

Six, maganda yung recommendations part, pero walang bago. It’s just like you echoed the core goals ng ICAD. Nag-copy paste ka lang ba?

Finally, Esperas advised Robredo to watch Netflix for example Narcos, Breaking Bad and Queen of the South for a better understanding of hoe drug supply operations work before making recommendation like supply constriction when is clueless about it.

“Seven, with regards to supply constriction: I suggest manood ka ng Narcos, Breaking Bad, at Queen of the South for a better understanding of how drug supply operations work. Kasi napaka-theoretical ng recommendations mo pero yung in-depth application, kulang.”

Esperas wrapped up the armchair analysis by rating Robredo’s presentation as “kulang sa pasabog”. She was also annoyed because the presentation has no LogFrame or even theory of change. She felt that Robredo’s 3-week stint in ICAD was a waste of time.

Overall, kulang ng pasabog ang presentation. At inis na inis ako dahil walang LogFrame o kahit man lang theory of change. Sayang yung three weeks ni Leni as ICAD co-chair. Feeling niya hindi siya kasali sa committee then sana umarte na lang siyang full-fledged tagahanap ng butas.

Esperas ended the FB post asking about the purpose of the report and who wrote it.

What’s the purpose of this report nga pala? Taking away all the motherhood statements inserted in this section, wala na halos natira sa “statement of purpose” niya.

Seryoso, who wrote this report?

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Source: Pey Esperas

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