UP doctor calls Leni Robredo ‘traitor’ for calling presscon while President Duterte is away?


This is the word used by Dr. Francisco Pascual Tranquilino to describe VP Leni Robredo just because she called a press conference?

Tranquilino remarked that Robredo called the press conference because she wants to steal the thunder from PRRD’s Israel visit.

Tranquilino also mocked Robredo for advising PRRD on the economy when in fact she doesn’t even know how to count.


Tranquilino borrowed the American idiom above to describe people like Robredo who make a lot of noise but makes no sense at all.


Read Tranquilino’s FB post below.

Knowing that our President is making a historic visit to Israel and Jordan and therefore would be making headlines here and abroad in the next few days, this fake VP decided, hindi sya magpapatalo, gagawa din sya ng ingay, and so in a flash, her own press conference was called to criticize the President on various issues including giving unsolicited advise on the rice shortage, excise taxes and suspension of TRAIN Law. OMG, ano ang alam nya sa economics, ni hindi nga makapagbilang nang tama, kaya pagbilang ng balota mali, economics pa?

At lahat ng ito ay ginawa habang wala ang Pangulo sa bansa. Kung hindi ba naman isang TRAYDOR talaga!

Robredo, tandaan mo ang meaning na ‘to:

“EMPTY CAN RATTLES THE MOST” refers to stupid, shallow people and those with little to offer society. It means that, in general, intelligent people, or those who have a lot to offer are less noisy than others. In other words, the saying means “the more you talk, the less you have to say”


Check out some of the comments below from netizens.

Aurora Barbero-Oliva Ang kapal ng mukha mo tlaga leni, umalis lang si presidente bigla ka umeksena. Aber, what tangible solution could you offer for all the crisis youve been mentioning? Mahilig ka sa word “datos”..aber, anong datos mo?

Dan Tamargo Tama yung kasabihan….” WHEN THE CAT IS AWAY, the THE RAT CAN PLAY” imbes na mamuno sa bansa para ma siguro ang ka ayusan at seguridad ng bansa, siya pa ang PRUMOTOR para mang gulo…!!! (RAT at hindi MOUSE kasi yung mouse parang inosente pa siya pero ang RAT ay isang peste)

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