UP PGH doctor presents brilliant study between TRUE leader and FAKE leader, between Arroyo and Robredo in viral FB post

In the 2019 midterm election, Filipino voters are given the chance to correct the mistake they made in the last election by voting for the wrong leaders.

To help the Filipinos voters decide whom to vote for, a UP PGH doctor named Francisco Pascual Tranquilino has taken to Facebook to educate the Filipinos the qualities of a good leader that they should look for in the candidates that offered themselves to public service.

Likewise, he also listed the qualities of a bad leader that they should avoid.

In other words, Tranquilino presented his brilliant study between the qualities of true leader and the fake one.

To make it easier for the voters to understand, Tranquilino made Gloria Macapagal Arroyo and Leni Robredo as concrete examples of leaders that voters should vote and not to vote for.

Please read the full post below and make a comment below if you agree with Tranquilino’s observations on Arroyo and Robredo.



Francisco P. Tranquilino, M.D.
October 17, 2018

This only shows the mark of a TRUE LEADER vs. that of a FAKE one, a FAKE VP.

Did you ever hear GMA complain the entire time she was being harassed and persecuted, her Constitutional rights being violated by De Lima when she was prevented to travel abroad for medical treatment?

Did you ever hear GMA badmouthing her tormentors through all the years she was in hospital arrest?

She went through all the legal processes until one by one, all the trumped up charges against her were dismissed.

Did you ever see her brag about her work
In Congress or how dutifully she performed her function as a President, a Congresswoman and now as the Speaker of the House?

Did you ever see her come out on TV or radio to rebut whatever accusation is hurled against her then or now?

She works and works and works, she drafts Bills and came up with the House version of the Federal Constitution for which she was lambasted, yet, she continued to work silently to provide the reasons for the provisions in the proposed Charter.

Did you see her join the bandwagon in lambasting the President for the rising inflation rate, rice shortage or TRAIN Law?

Instead, she gives her expert advise calmly and reassuringly.

And now we see her representing the Philippine Legislature in the International Parliamentary Union in Geneva, a petite and fragile-looking but strong and determined woman, scarred by the battles she fought yet never surrendered. She is indeed the picture of a courageous and victorious LEADER, a TRUE LEADER indeed.

Now contrast that to this woman, one who portrays a phony image of a demure, unassuming widow, the caring and motherly VP looking after the welfare of those in the “laylayan ng lipunan.” A woman who resorts to gimmickry and ka-EPALan to gain public sympathy,

A woman who enjoys the company of the rich and famous, graces the cover of glossy magazines, hobnobs with the likes of Loida Nicolas-Lewis, in various insignificant speaking engagements abroad, from LA to Boston, from San Diego to Vancouver,

A woman who at the slightest criticism from the President would go out and issue public statements and go on TV and radio lambasting her accuser,

A woman who the moment the President leaves for a historic visit to Israel and Jordan calls for her own press conference to hug the limelight herself and starts criticizing the President on various issues including giving unsolicited advise on the rice shortage, excise taxes and TRAIN Law, yet this woman remains mum when the wrongdoings and abuses are by her own party mates and political allies,

A woman who computes 40 x 4 = 1,600 or calls out the government for the misleading expensive silis she sees in the supermarket, yet unable to provide solutions to these problems,

A FAKE LEADER typically never stops talking, because as the saying goes, “EMPTY CAN RATTLES THE MOST” referring to stupid, shallow people and those with little to offer society.

Because in general, intelligent people, or those who have a lot to offer are less noisy than others. In other words, the more you talk, the less you have to say.



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