UP Prof challenges US-based Pinoys to file a felony & identity theft cases against Grace Poe; says proofs against Poe rock solid

A UP Profesor thinks the proofs against Grace Poe are rock solid; challenges law-abiding US-based Pinoys to file a case against Grace Poe for identity theft and felony is doing the rounds online.

Netizen asks Us-based Pinoys to file cases against Poe

Credits to Manila Bulettin

The netizen made the appeal as an offshoot of the SSN controversy involving Senator Grace Poe as reported in The Daily Tribune by Ninez Cacho-Olivares.

The Poe camp already issued a statement belying the insinuation that the presidential aspirant who is projecting herself as the candidate whose name is synonymous with honesty and untainted by corruption scandal could do such things.

In various news publications, Rex Gatchalian, official spokesman of Senator Grace Poe issued the denial in the PhilStar article.

The details of the news article are without basis and absurd. The supposed second social security number of Poe, SSN 005-003-1988, was her student identification number when she was a student at Boston College.

But the netizen thinks otherwise. He believes that Senator Grace Poe’s alibi stands on porous ground.

The netizen went on to write the litany of reasons why he thinks Grace Poe is guilty as charged:

1. Grace Poe used the number 005-03-1988, and it is a number that she admits to be associated with her.

2. That number corresponds to the SSN of another person who is already dead.

3. Poe used another SSN number issued in 1992.

4. She is claiming that 005-03-1988 was her student ID number issued by Boston College, and this corresponds to her date of enrollment, which would be May 3, 1988.

5. The claim is ridiculous. New student admission in the US is done in the Fall Term which starts in August. hence the earliest enrollment would be July, and not May.

6. The claim is also idiotic, since it would imply that students enrolling on the same date would have the same student numbers. Poe is lying the netizen argued. If indeed 005-03-1988 is a valid and legitimate number, then why should she come up with a ridiculous explanation?

Today, another revealing article from The Daily Tribune came out claiming that “they found evidence that independent presidential candidate Sen. Grace Poe and her husband Teodoro Llamanzares purchased a property in the State of Virginia in 2006 with the use of Poe’s spurious US Social Security Number (SSN).” Click the link here to read the full report.

In response to this development in Grace Poe’s SSN saga, the netizen wrote this in his timeline:

Aha! So, Grace Poe used the SSN ID of a deceased person to purchase property in May 1, 2006 at a time that she is claiming to have sold all her properties abroad since she wanted to permanently relocate to the Philippines.

This revelation, if true is so damaging to Grace Poe that the SC could have no more justification to deploy creative ways of reversing jurisprudence on residence to benefit her.

I am asking for a law-abiding Filipino living in the US, or any former Filipino citizen who is now a US national to think about this:
1. Grace Poe used the number 005-03-1988, and it is a number that she admits to be associated with her.

Posted by Antonio P. Contreras on Saturday, March 5, 2016

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