US Ambassador to the UN tells UN General Assembly: “We must give President Duterte the space to run his nation”

If LP and company are still entertaining the idea of ousting Duterte, its wise of them to heed the advice of US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley.

If Gascon CHR’s plans to use the agency to further the political agenda of their LP friends, the US is gonna be watching their every move.

Why? If the message of the US Ambassador to the United Nations General Assembly is an indication, the US wants to give Duterte a free rein to run our country, unencumbered by politicking of his enemies.

Here’s a summary of Haley’s message to UNGA recently that has been making the rounds online.

‘The Philippines is suffocating. We must give President Duterte the space to run his nation. We must respect their independence … It is not in our purview to decide administrative issues for the Philippines. That is the job of their president.’

‘Destructive forces have never given the Duterte administration enough space to jump-start his programs of government; they did not even afford him the proverbial honeymoon period…. Now, they have calibrated their plot to ouster movements and this is just the second year of his presidency.’

“…human rights groups including the UN itself, be impartial and not take political sides while dispensing duties in any particular nation.

“HR groups in the Philippines should engage in consultations with the Duterte government and shun political stances which may lead to a loss of relevance and credibility for the country.” [Link here]

Netizens on social media have varied reactions to the said speech of the US Ambassador to the UN. Some doubts the authenticity of the said speech, in the absence of a video link.

Orman Ortega Manansala remarked: “Let’s thread carefully kasi baka fake news ito but yeah welcome respite ito”

Naida Raugh remarked: She is sounding off Trump’s position and staunch solid support for Pres. Du30.😀😀😀

Myrna Mallari Cunanan wrote: “Thank you so much Ma’m for so understanding about our President Duterte runs our country. We knew those people against our President are all being paid to distabilized his government, but we won’t allow them to that because he his the only one President we had very kindhearted and a real person a good leader. 🇵🇭♥️👊”

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