US-based accountant concurs with Bobi Tiglao’s findings — UMAK not authorized to award PolSci degree to the senator?

Edwin Jamora, US-based accountant and blogger from Sorsogon, has taken to Facebook to offer a concise and easy to follow version of Bobi Tiglao’s latest article questioning the authenticity of the BA Political Science degree awarded to Manny Pacquiao by the University of Makati.

But before diving in to the serious stuff, Jamora opened the FB post by poking fun at Dr. Ramos, VP for Academic Affairs of University of Makati for mangling the English language. Pls. check the screen grab photo below for context.

“Pustahan tayo, 3 months din siguro tinapos ni Ramos ang Junglish nya! Oo. It tooks him 3 months also. Plurals eh. Magulo ang Junglish ng Vice-President ng UsMak.”

Moving forward, Jamora urged netizens to pay attention to the different versions explaining the basis of the awarding of the Political Science degree to Manny Pacquiao.

“Anyway, if you read Tiglao’s article, the 1st explanation that surfaced on social media was that UMak has its own equivalency program for professionals patterned after ETEEAP in partnership with the Philippine Councilors League-Legislative Academy. [Inquirer]

Pero malabo mga friends kasi nga, there was a GMA News article in 2019 that quoted Pacquiao saying “he was thankful for the ETEEAP of the Philippine Councilors League-Legislative Academy (PCCLA) which gives [a] chance to qualified Filipinos to attain college degree/diploma – Filipinos who wish to complete college through informal education.” [Pacquiao IG]

Jamora was kind enough to educate netizens about ETEEAP and its role in the brouhaha surrounding Manny Pacquiao’s college degree.

“ETEEAP. What is that?

ETEEAP allows working professionals who were not able to finish college education to earn a bachelor’s degree without going through the traditional four-year course.

Under this program, professionals with five or more years of working experience can use the knowledge, experiences, and achievements obtained through their jobs to earn the units required for the college degree related to their particular field of work.”

“Ok. But here’s the problem,” Jamora warned.

There is only one university in the NCR authorized to issue a BS degree in Political Science and that school is not UMAK. And only one university in NCR to confer BA in Political Science and that school is not UMAK.

“There is only one university in the NCR authorized to issue a Bachelor of Science degree in Political Science under the ETEEAP, and that is Polytechnic University of the Philippines; another university, New Era University, is authorized to confer a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science.”

“In other words, UMak, is not authorized daw to issue the kind of bachelor’s degree that was given to the senator,” Jamora declared in an emphatic tone.


(My source is Bobby Tiglao’s article.)


Source: Edwin Jamora

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