US-based accountant enumerates 9 reasons BBM is better than his fellow Bicolano Leni Robredo

In light of the announcement of Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte not to run for president because her father accepted the nomination as PDP-Laban’s VP nominee for the 2022 polls, Duterte supporters are now looking to throw their support behind Bongbong Marcos.

US-based Bicolano accountant Edwin Jamora, one of the influential Duterte supporters who was hoping to see the Davao City mayor run for President, is now expressing his support for Marcos for president movement.

Jamora cited 9 reasons why BBM is better than her fellow Bicolano Leni Robredo to back up his argument.

9 things BBM is better than Leni.

1.) BBM, is articulate and eloquent, and like President Duterte, can pull an impromptu speech, anytime, anywhere. Not Leni.
2.) BBM, like President Duterte, can talk and is conversant about finance, economics, and other systems of government like Federal Parliamentary. Not Leni.
3.) BBM has the Bangui Windfarms in his portfolio of achievements, which became a tourist attraction in Ilocos. Leni has a small revetment project in Naga City that was a disaster.
4.) Not once did we hear BBM whine. Leni’s whining is his daily meal as if she’s not part of the administration.
5.) BBM could have stayed and kept his senate seat in his election protest and still maintained his political influence. But no. He opted to fight till the end of Leni’s term.
6.) BBM is consistent in his principle. Leni is full of contradictions.
7.) BBM’s people-person personality is genuine. Leni is media-manufactured.
8.) BBM has a vision and a concrete plan for the future. He knows the importance of digital infrastructure. All Leni can muster are motherhood statements.
9.) BBM knows his public administration, 2010-2016: Senator of the Philippines; 2007-2010: Congressman, Ilocos Norte (2nd District) ; 1998-2007: Governor, Ilocos Norte; 1992-1995: Congressman, Ilocos Norte (2nd District); 1983-1986: Governor, Ilocos Norte; 1981-1983: Vice-Governor, Ilocos Norte, thus, in terms of management style, BBM is Executive. Leni is Barangay.


Source: Edwin Jamora

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