US-based Bicolano accountant Edwin Jamora asks: Were Communists Sympathizers at the Senate outraged at the success of NTF-ELCAC?!

ON DEFUNDING NTF-ELCAC, Edwin-Jamora, a US-based Bicolano accountant asked:

Were Communists Sympathizers at the Senate outraged at the success of NTF-ELCAC?!

Jamora was livid how the senators justified the need to cut NTF-ELCAC funding using the element of fear.

According to Senator Angara, kailangan ng pondo ng Special Allowances ng mga Health Care Workers which is the reason why they cut the NTF-ELCAC funding from P28 billion to P4 billion. Kasi nga daw, they threatened to boycott and leave the hospitals which is a threat daw kasi baka mag-collapse ang ating medical system. Grabeng fear factor, mga friends just to justify defunding NTF-ELCAC!

On face value, Jamora said the senate made it sound they have the noblest intention for our health care workers because they took something out from NTF-ELCAC and give it out medical system to prevent it from collapsing.

On its face, it sounds as if the Senate has all the best intentions to source out funds for our health care workers – biro mo; they took P28 billion from NTF-ELCAC to fund the Special Allowances and to prevent the collapse of our medical system!

But a closer look Jamora remarked, the Senate’s move to defund NTF-ELCAC lacks logic because peace and order and infrastructure projects of the DPWH will be heavily impacted.

And so, therefore, the solution to prevent the collapse was to defund NTF-ELCAC and paralyze DPWH. Where is the logic here, mga friends? Direct impact would be on our economy! Peace and order is an important factor in building confidence for businesses to grow, as well as the infrastructure provided by DPWH!

Of course, Jamora conceded that the P28B from NTF-ELCAC plus the P32B from the DPWH will make many of our healthcare workers happy but at the expense of our NPA-infested barangays who badly needed infra developments isn’t right.

Indeed, the P28 billion will make many healthcare workers happy, plus the P32 billion from DPWH. But this is being done at the expense of the barangays trying to free themselves from NPA infestations and the much-needed infrastructure which the Yellows or Pinklawans did not give us for the last 30 years!

Di ba, nag-mukhang zero-sum game ang Senate hearing na ito, mga friends? Jamora asked.

Jamora confessed his blood boiled while watching the hearing.

Uminit dugo ko sa Senate hearing na ito mga friends, but kudos to Senator Bato for making tanggol NTF-ELCAC. I think he did great!



Source: Edwin Jamora

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