US-based Bicolano accountant jeers at MS opinion article saying Leni Robredo can be PH’s Angela Merkel of Germany?

I can imagine Edwin Jamora, US-based Bicolano accountant, laughing his ass off while reading Rudy Romero’s Manila Standard opinion piece asserting “Leni Robredo can be PH’s Angela Merkel”.

From the get-go, Jamora demolished Romero’s argument that Robredo can be PH’s Angela Merkel by pointing out the obvious that while latter is a gifted speaker, the former badly needs speech therapy.

Second, Jamora can’t help but ask if the writer did some research about German Chancellor Merkel because if he did, he would know that Leni Robredo won’t be able to talk to Merkel since she does not know anything about quantum physics.

If there was a PH presidential candidate who can converse with Merkel, Jamora said it would be BBM because he can talk about topics outside of his expertise.

Jamora arrived with his conclusion that BBM can carry a conversation with Merkel after watching his Tiktok video talking in length about Stephen Hawking, the man behind the “theory of everything” and the equation explaining all known physical phenomena in the universe, including the black hole.

Out of 1,000+ commenters, 971 netizens found Jamora’s FB post very amusing, 196 netizens made comments on it and 49 found it shareable.

Netizens have mixed reactions but mostly, making fun of Robredo, which FB may inappropriate should I repost it here. Anyway, you can click the link below and read the comments in the original post.

You may read Edwin Jamora’s full FB post below now.

No shit! Ka-level ni Leni Robredo si Angela Merkel? Who’s good at spontaneous speeches and responding to random questions? Who can talk about Federalism inside out? Samantalang Leni needs speech therapy?!

Alam ba ng inanitan na writer that Angela Merkel has a doctorate in quantum chemistry and worked as a research scientist? Does the writer knows what that means?

It means Manay Leni would not even be able to talk to Angela Merkel because she would not know anything about quantum physics.

More than likely, it’s Bongbong Marcos who has the ability to speak with Angela Merkel on things like quantum physics because Bongbong can talk about topics outside of his expertise.

He has already shown this in several interviews talking in length about Stephen Hawking, who was behind the “theory of everything,” an equation that is called the temperature formula of a black hole, which Bongbong Marcos can talk with gusto!

Pasmado yata ang inanitan na writer na to!



Source: Edwin Jamora

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