US-based Bicolano accountant says no vindication for Senator Manny Pacquiao despite DOH probe on corruption allegations. Read why!


US-based Bicolano accountant Edwin Jamora implored Senator Manny Pacquiao to elaborate on his statement that he felt vindicated that DOH is under the microscope for corruption allegations in his Facebook post.

As a Certified Public Accountant with long experience in the Philippines and in the US, Jamora deemed it his personal mission to share his knowledge on the issue.

For starters, Jamora explained to Senator Pacquiao that the COA 2020 Annual Audit Report does not prove his allegations of corruption as true and correct.

Jamora urged the senator to read his easy to follow explanations on the AUDITOR’s terms for his enlightenment.

You may read Edwin Jamora’s explanation below for your own education as well.

Just because COA released its 2020 Annual Audit Report with its standard report called “Auditors Findings, Observations, and Recommendations” does not prove your allegations of corruption as true and accurate. Why?

Come! Read this with me, “Auditors Findings, Observations, and Recommendations.”

Let’s repeat. “OBSERVATIONS.”

Has it sunk in yet, Manny?

Do you know what that means?

The Auditor has not proven anything. Observations are just mere observations. They’re not final. Ah’ah.

Therefore, the Auditor’s observations will not fly in court for corruption charges. There’s a process that follows after “Observation.” It is called “Recommendations.” Yeah. Trust me. The Auditor requires explanations and will request more documents to check and verify. Do you follow me, Manny?

Now, after “Recommendations,” there’s another report that you need to read. That’s if you’re the type of person who we saw on TV with voluminous documents, pretending to have read them. Ayyy! Ikaw pala yon! Char! So, no. You’re not the kind of guy who reads papers, Jamora added.

Since COA released the 2020 Audit Report, you will have to wait for the release of the 2021 Audit Report next year. In it will be “Prior Years Status of Audit Recommendations,” referring to the Year 2020.

Repeat. Observations are just mere observations. They’re not final.

You’re welcome, Manny. Best regards ke Ate Jinky.



Source: Edwin Jamora

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