US-based Bicolano hits back at ex-Senator Trillanes with in$ult who quipped BBM lied about finishing college

Former Antonio Trillanes, who is staging a senate comeback via Robredo-Pangilinan tandem senate slate after failing to create traction for his VP bid, asked: “Will you hire someone who lied about finishing college?”

Edwin Jamora, a Sorsogon native but now based in the US working as an accountant, took to Facebook to answer the question posed by Trillanes with an emphatic “YES”. Meaning, he will vote for BBM because not only he is an expert in public administration but can speak on topics outside his expertise.

But of course! Especially if that someone is not only an expert in public administration but can also speak topics outside of his expertise like blackholes and the theory of relativity! It simply means that that someone is smart and intelligent! Even more, very articulate and eloquent and such a compelling communicator!

Now here comes Jamora’s comeback against Trillanes! He hits back at Trillanes’ presidential bet with greater ferocity.

Now, the graduate with an economics degree and a lawyer thats talks like a kinder? Public schooling is now free. Maybe she can go back to school before applying for a job!

Jamora also took a swipe at BBM’s rivals in the presidential race.

Don’t even ask me to hire a College graduate who finished it in 3 months. No. He’s not genius. He’s been talking do-bi-do-bi-do lately.

Jamora also took a jab at Trillanes by raising the issue of missing hotel tableware when the latter once led a coup and commandeered a hotel in Makati as base his of operation.

And I’m definitely not even hiring hotel tableware thieves!


Netizens have their own way of hitting back Trillanes as shown in their comments.

so are you insulting now Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Michael Dell, Steve Jobs? or Albert Einstein, Benjamin Franklin, John Rockefeller among others who dropped out of school or never attended college. Who do you think they will hire between you and BBM? 😂

Would rather go for “wais na bobo” kaysa sa “matalinong tanga”.Wala cure sa pagiging tanga, unlike pag bobo ka, mag aral o magbasa ka libro, tatalino ka slight.

well if i have to choose between the one who lied about finishing college (i’m sure we’re not talking about BBM) and the one who LIED about not LYING ( si Trilliling ito)…i pick the former.


Source: Edwin Jamora

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