US-based blogger slams Grace Poe for grabbing credit of new Mactan Cebu International Airport?

Senator Grace Poe is once again drawing flak because of a Facebook post wherein the senator was all praises for the new and modern Cebu airport saying “this is the kind of facility our countrymen deserves.”

Mactan Cebu International Airport visit

I am truly amazed that we have an airport that we can be proud of. This is the kind of facility that our kababayans deserve. Sana, lahat ng paliparan natin, kasing ganda at moderno ng Mactan Cebu International Airport.#Cebu #MCIA #ItsMoreFunInThePhilippines #TrabahoPOE

Posted by Grace Poe on Sunday, November 11, 2018

Whether Grace Poe’s motives in sharing a video with her face was plastered all over the video was noble or what, US-based blogger Edwin Jamora sees this as credit-grabbing antic and in aid of re-election ploy of the senator’s camp.

On Facebook, Jamora joked that Bam Aquino should work harder because Grace Poe is out to displace him as the credit grabbing king.


Have you seen this video of Grace Poe? At ni wala man lang “THANK YOU PRESIDENT DUTERTE” kundi pansinin ang ginawa ni Grace Poe. Product placement. All throughout the video, andyan sya. Si Grace Poe naman, feeling mo, sya nag-pagawa nung airport.

Opo mga Koyah! Mga Ateh! Style subliminal messages via product placement. Basic to sa mga nag-e-MBA hahahaha! Opo mga Koyah. Napag-aralan to ni Reyna sa business school. Magaling ang mga consultant ni Grace Poe umangkin nang hindi kanila! Product placement lang ang katapat!

Kaya galingan mo Bam Aquino! Na-ungusan ka ni Grace Poe!


Check out the reactions of netizens below.

Robe Gabuelo 😂 hahahahah! No honor among thieves Reynz 😁

Ziaii Cyay Thieves and liars are neighbors…

SAngelica SFernandez SCubelo Madami na silang Credit grabber

Carla Vee Cervania ‘this is the kind of facility that our kababayans deserve.’ Really? but she blocks the jeepney modernization program and she even denies giving the president emergency powers.

Venjie Ruiz Miss kapal ang mukha ng anak ng probinsyano. I so hate her and I cringe every time I see her face or read what she said.

Victor Hernando As the saying goes during election, the one true thing about every politician running for office that people can expect that is true and genuine is their handshake.

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