US-based Pinoy accountant debunks claim Office of the Vice President got “HIGHEST AUDIT RATING”

A certain netizen named Mark Ian has called out the news articles from various local media outlets that the OVP (Office of the Vice President) has earned the “HIGHEST AUDIT RATING” from COA.

In a Facebook post, Mark Ian remarked that there is no such thing as “HIGHEST AUDIT RATING”. According to him, COA would either say qualified, unqualified or total refusal to recognize the financial statement.

Mark Ian found an ally in the person of US-based accountant and FilAm blogger Edwin Jamora who took to Facebook to lend credence to the former’s statement that there is no such thing as “HIGHEST AUDIT RATING” from COA.

On Facebook, Jamora wrote:

‘Tama si Mark Ian. Sa Pilipinas, ang tanging highest audit rating ay “Unqualified Audit Opinion.” Wala naman akong naririnig na “Single Audit” sa Pilipinas o kaya equivalent nya.’

Jamora remarked that whoever invented this award for OVP is a fool because after the news praising the OVP, a news article from COA reported that the OVP has yet to submit receipts of its disbursements blah, blah.

‘Kaya kung sino mang engkanto sa COA ang nag-award nito sa OVP ay isang sira-ulo dahil I remember, a day after this news, merong lumabas na COA news na an laki pala ng hindi pa nare-reimburse ng OVP or mga disbursements na mga walang resibo!’

Jamora went on to share the excerpt of the article from COA.

Ano sabi ng COA? Eto:

‘The Commission on Audit (COA) flagged the Office of the Vice President (OVP) for failing to liquidate the travel expenses made its personnel last year within the prescribed period.

The 2017 COA report said OVP personnel spent ₱26.4 million on local trips and ₱953,550.75 for foreign trips. But, they were unable to file liquidation reports on time.’

Jamora emphatically urged doubters to do their own research in case they doubted his post.

‘I gogol nyo!’

Source: Edwin Jamora

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