US-based Pinoy accountant parries Manny Pacquiao’s jab at Energy Sec. Cusi amid Luzon rotating brownouts


This is how US-based accountant and blogger Edwin Jamora reacted on Senator Manny Pacquiao calling Energy Sec. Alfonso Cusi “incompetent” for his failure to foresee the power supply problems in Luzon.

Jamora explained that he never called Manny Pacquiao dumb until now because that honor he said is reserved for his fellow Bicolana, Leni Robredo. But Pacquiao’s dumb accusation that Energy Sec. Cusi failed to foresee the power supply problems just made the boxer turned senator officially dumb to his book to the max level in his list.

“I have never called Manny Pacquiao obobs. Ngayon pa lang. Dahil naka-reserve na ang word na yan kay Madumb Leni. But with his dumb accusations that Cusi did not foresee the power supply problems – he is officially obobs to the maximum level on my list.”

Jamora thumbed down Pacquiao’s call to sack Cusi from the energy post thinking it will solve Luzon’s power supply problem. According to him, the problem is not the person at the helm of the Energy Department but the 1987 Constitution whom he called a failure, something Pacquiao should have understood. Jamora called it an abject failure on the part of Pacquiao not to understand that the 1987 Constitution is the culprit why we continue to have power supply problems

“Why is that? Mga friends! Tanggalin mo man si Cusi, isalpak mo pa si Dionesia sa position na yan, we will continue to have the same type of problems, even worse! Bakit? Hindi yon sa naka-upo kundi ang kapalpakan ng 1987 Constitution that Manny Pacquiao himself should have clearly understood. It is an abject failure on the part of Manny to NOT understand that it’s the 1987 Constitution that brought us these problems!”

Jamora remarked that as long as the country prohibits big capitalists to invest in the energy sector or until we don’t go nuclear and pick where President Marcos left off, even Cusi is fired from his post everyday, his arguments won’t solve our energy supply problems.

“Hangga’t hindi mo pinapapasok ang mga malalaking kapitalista para mag-invest sa areas na yan, or hanggat’ hindi nila ina-asikaso ang nuclear energy and pick-up where former President Ferdinand Marcos left, kahit na araw araw mong tanggalin si Cusi, supot mong boto na 4 millimeters Manny! Mga tugalsik mong arguments lead to nothing!”




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