US-based Pinoy accountant scrutinizes Manny Pacquiao’s Bachelor of Science degree


As the title says, US-based Pinoy accountant cum blogger Edwin Jamora wants to dig deeper behind Manny Pacquiao’s bachelors degree he earned from UMak.

Jamora wrote: According to the University of Makati’s website, “The Bachelor of Arts in Political Science is a four-year degree program.”

Jamora asked his FB followers whether Manny Pacquiao started attending school in 2015 since he found out that the boxer turned politician graduated in 2019. Remember BS PolSci is a 4-year degree course. But according to the Inquirer article here, Pacquiao started school in August of 2018.

“If Manny Pacquiao graduated in December 2019, he must have started University of Makati in 2015. Did he? Ah’ah. According to the school…”

Jamora shared a paragraph from the PDI article “UMak on Pacquiao’s degree: He met all requirements” that caught his attention.

“To earn his degree, Pacquiao had to complete 10 modules for the different clusters of subjects. Ramos said that it usually took a month for a student to finish each module while the senator completed all 10 modules in 16 months.” [Inquirer]

On that note, Jamora can’t help but praise Manny for being intelligent and a genius (sarcasm) because he aced a 4-year college course in 16 months.

Ang tali-talino ni Manny!!! He is a genius! Kinana niya ng 16 months ang 4-year college course! And that’s how he received his college adjucation!


Jamora’s post has generated witty remarks from netizens.

“That was fast😜ginamitan yata ng power punch ni Pac-Man” said one commenter.

“huwow! mapapa-sana-all ka na lang talaga! hahahaha” commented another.

“Compressed to 16 months ang isang four year college program? Tak, Tsk, Tsk. Paano nangyari? Talagang genius si Pacquiao! Kaya naman pala may adjudication-adjudication words na siya, alam na niya ang puno’t dulo ang Spratly issue since kay Mr Cloma, alam niya ang puno’t dulo kung bakit wala na ang mga American Bases sa Pilpinas, VFA, etc. Bwahahahahahahahahaha!” a third netizen heckled Manny Pacquiao’s degree.

On people raising their eyebrows how the hell Pacquiao finished a 4-year degree course in 16 months?

UMak vice president for academic affairs Elxyzur Ramos explained to the Inquirer that:

Pacquiao was enrolled under UMak’s own equivalency program for professionals patterned after Eteeap in partnership with the Philippine Councilors League-Legislative Academy.

Eteeap recognizes, accredits and gives equivalencies to knowledge, skills, attitudes and values gained by individuals from relevant work.

The program is implemented through deputized higher education institutions that award the appropriate college degree.



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