US-based Pinoy answers “SAAN GALING ANG P3,614,293 CASH INCREASE NI DU30?!” question to silence critics

The critics of PRRD are trying with all their might to make a ruckus out of the 3-million peso increase of Duterte’s wealth on social media.

According to a PDI article, Duterte told reporters in an ambush interview in Hongkong that the 3M increase as reflected in the SALN came from election campaign contributions.

“That’s surplus money that does not have a purpose anymore. I don’t know who gave it to me. This is just a small amount. I declared that as income. Income because it was already there in my hands.”

US-based Pinoy and socmed blogger offered a more detailed explanation on how Duterte’s wealth saw an increase in the latest SALN.

Jamora remarked that there is nothing unusual in Duterte’s 3-million peso increase in wealth after proper accounting of Duterte’s SALN.


Ulitin naten mga kunichiwa!

Simulan naten sa Net Worth, which as you can see in my previous updates, we’ve accounted the increase nang net worth ni Digong which are coming from the following:
1. Nag-increase ang Cash nya by P3,614,293
2. Nag-decrease ang Investments nya by P900,000 which could mean na either bumaba ang value nang shares of stocks and bonds nya or na-benta sya. Dun ako sa nag-benta. Why? Eh nag-increase ang cash nya eh. So, that’s the only logical assumption.
3. Nag-increase nang P1 million yung Other Personal Properties nya. Ano yon? Well it could be computers, laptops, stereos, phones etc. Pwede ring baril. Korek?
4. Nag-decrease ang utang nya by P200,000. Opo. Oras na binabayaran mo ang utang mo, lumalaki ang Net Worth mo.

So ang tanong nang mga Dilawan – saan galing ang increase in Cash?!

Kung titingnan po ninyo ang SALN, bumaba po nang P900,000 ang Investments. Ang logical assumption po dyan eh nag- benta nang securities dahil nag-increase ang Cash! Sabi nang PCIJ, merong stocks and bonds pati time deposits ang ating President! Korek? Ngayon gaya nga nang sabi ko, alangan namang ibenta nang broker ang securities at a loss! Therefore we can make an assumption na kumita sya. Sabihin nating domoble yong sale eh di P1,800,000 ang nadagdag sa Cash! Kung P3,614,293 ang total na increase at ibawas mo ang P1,800,000 – ang natira is P1,814,293. Ang sabi nang aking friendship na si Roel Abatayo, posibleng ang natira ay galing sa mga binalik na campaign contributions. So, isummarize naten.

1. Sale of investments, P1,800,000
2. Campaign contributions, P1,814,293
3. Total of 1 + 2 = P3,614,293

Now, granted na na mali yong assumption sa number 1. In other words, hindi nag-benta kundi bumagsak lang ang value nang securities by that amount, which is really possible. Therefore, saan galing ang P1,800,000? Pwes, you have to remember that PCIJ reported na our President has investments sa “Mister Donuts”. Alangan namang hindi kumikita ang “Mister Donuts” na yan. Also, me mga time deposits si Digong. Those are earning interest income. Cash den yon.

Therefore, kung i-annualize naten ang P1,800,000, that’s only about P150,000 a month which is nai-tatabi ni Digong! And the question is – kaya nya kaya yan? What do you think? Hindi ba masyado nang elementarific to?


Walang issue yong increase na P3 million and we’ve accounted them properly kung saan sila galing.

Now, ma-convince ko naman kaya sila? Hindi!!! Dahil ang mga Yellows have one way brain centered focus one lane.

At me mga anghit!!@#$%^&*


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