US-based Pinoy doctor tells Robredo amidst “basura” controversy: I will slap you with my credentials!

Rather than raising the dignity of the Filipino race, Robredo is doing the opposite.

This is the sentiment of the US-based Filipino doctor following Leni Robredo’s statement in her radio show wherein she claimed resorting to scavenging in Boston to find items or stuffs that her daughter Aika could use in her apartment.

The doctor lamented Robredo is reinforcing the racial stereotyping made by a well-known dictionary wherein it defined the word “Filipina” as domestic helper. Of course they deleted the entry after the Filipinos from all over the world angrily protested it. However, according to an article from the LA Times, it was a hoax.

Anak ka ng tinapay, Leni Robredo! Maka high blood ka, ba! Bigyan mo ng dangal pagka Filipino ba! Dios mio por santo!

He accused Robredo of creating a perception that the Filipino people, we are mediocre, a lowlife because “basurero lang ang asta sa buhay”.

He said it is embarrassing that the other races would make a sweeping generalization that all Filipinos in the US are all ‘basurero’ or garbage collectors.

At one point in the video, the doctor said he wants to slap his credentials in Robredo’s face for insulting the dignity of the Filipinos.

Note: The Filipino doctor is Cebuano so he stammered at times because he hardly speak Tagalog.

The short video is 4 minutes in length and has gathered 57,000 views, 1,1988 shares and 142 comments as of this writing.

Let us read the comments of netizens and see how they react.

Paul Rhyan Badon wrote: “style nga ni Leni Robredo para masabing simple lang sya at makuha ang simpatiya nang media tapos marinig nang mga Filipino at masabing”simple lang palang tao si Leni kailngan naten sya dahil hindi naman pala sya na iba sa aten abot nya tayo kaya pala may nasa laylayan” ah bullshit pakitang tao lang yan,, lahat nang yan,ang taong gumagawa nang tama hindi na nag iingay.”

Rose Sumaling Post commented: “Ipinagyabang pang namulot ng basuro ibilita pa niya at nilagay sa media grabe talaga ang fake vp ng philipinas.”

Armela Santiago agreed with the doctor: “exactly my point…
your drama is putting us in a situation that we are mediocre people… my God we work so hard to make a good living…. you can never be a basurera because you have tons of money! My God…”

Big Ida shared the sentiment of the doctor. “Pinahiya tayo sa buong Mundo ng pekeng bise presidente sa UN dahil sa mga kasinungalingan video report tungkol sa Pilipinas kamakailan ngaun naman ibang klase NAMUMULOT DAW NG BASURA kinunan lang ng picture ung isang babae dito sa Boston palalabasin siya un.. wala na dignidad ang ating pekeng bise presidente”

Imelda Fuentes Espina aptly summarized the sentiments of the Duterte supporters: “Our President is trying to uplift the dignity of our country by not accepting Aid from other countries and here’s the Vice President of the Republic of the Philippines trying to pull us down to look like we are really “mendicant” … i do garage sale hunting but not pulot something in the basurahan…”

Meanwhile, Doy Dacalos Encabo defended the garbage collectors in the US: “To be fair, garbage collectors in the US unlike other countries, make good money and they have to pass the civil service exam. You will be surprised on how difficult and tough the competition to get the job. Gusto lang sad nako masabtan sa mga tawo nga dili ubos ang trabaho sa mga basurero sa America unless you literally mean basurero as a bum nga namunit ug basura para naay makaon.”

To which Erlinda Dulay replied: “We are not degrading the work of a basurero in America but once a VP do that in Boston America is another thing you know. Where is her dignity her pride she is the Vice President of the Philippines you know… why she did that she can ask somebody to do that for her….and is that good for her daughter who will go that prestige university that her mother a VP OF THE PHILIPPINES RUMMAGING IN BASIRAHAN !!!!! Oh come on …”


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