US-based Pinoy hits “typhoon reklamadors”, shares tips how they do it in America during hurricane season

Admit it. Some Filipinos like to complain about everything. In other words, we are good in fault-finding. Not all. Especially the millennials.

More often than not, these crybabies would rather blame the government or other people for being caught unprepared. But not them. They won’t admit their shortcomings or fault for getting caught unprepared.

Speaking of which, let me share the eye-opening sermon aka FB post from Edwin Jamora, US-based Bicolano accountant, addressed to what he called the TYPHOON REKLAMADORS.


Let’s start with the torres stranded in Siargao or wherever in Surigao. I read they were complaining of so many things. Wait for a second, people!

Y’all know a week before that, a typhoon is coming! And typhoons are like unlimited rice in the Philippines! Yet to this day, ya’ll are clueless about preparing when a storm is coming?! Why did you not fly out of Siargao and on to some other safe paradise?!


People complain that they’re unable to get money from the ATM. Isa pa kayo! Bakit? Did you also not know na may darating na bagyo? Oh, eh bakit hindi ninyo winidro mga salapi ninyo sa bangko a week before the typhoon hit! An sosyal naman ninyo! Feeling ninyo pakatapos ng bagyo, everything will be a-ok! Hindi pa kayo naka-experience ng bagyo sa Pinas?!

Kelangan ba talaga, si Digong pa mag-sasabi sainyo na, oh! Disaster management tayo sa bahay!

Mag-ipon na tayo ng tubig!

Mag-ipon ng salapi!

Mag-grocery na!

Mag-saing na at ilagay sa mga plastic!

Ayusin mga medicines!

Ganito buhay namin sa America pag may hurricane na darating! Mga leche kayo! When I was in South Carolina and New Orleans, meron pa kaming Evacuation Route! Nung tumama ang hurricane sa New Orleans, karipas takbo ang Reyna on Route 10, napadpad ako sa Houston, Texas!

That’s what you do! Prepare!

Mga inanitan na to!



Source: Edwin Jamora

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