US-based Pinoy teacher uses series of flashbacks to connect dots why Lacson, Drilon very afraid of Faeldon, drove ’em to chase him away in different gov’t post

In 2017, Lacson delivered a privilege speech accusing then Bureau of Customs Chief Nic Faeldon of accepting P100M “welcome” gift as soon as he assumed his post.

Lacson’s expose came in the middle of the senate probe on the billion-peso shipment of illegal dr*gs that managed to evade Customs.

Faeldon lost his job and Lacson emerged the good guy between the skirmish of former PMAers.

Of course, Faeldon did not fade without giving a good fight.

In a press conference, Faeldon retaliated by naming Lacson’s son in cement smuggling.

Faeldon gave a detailed account of the cement smuggling activity of Lacson’s son, backed up by documents to prove his allegation.

However, mainstream media did nothing much to dig deep into Faeldon’s allegation and his expose died a natural death, people forgot about it and moved on to the next issue.

In other words, no one believed Faeldon’s allegation against Lacson’s son.

Fast forward 2019, Lacson once again attacked Faeldon after he was appointed as BuCor Chief, especially after another controversy erupted at agency under Faeldon.

Perhaps still reeling from Faeldon’s last exposé implicating his son in cement smuggling, Lacson once again took the lead in going hard against Faeldon.

Faeldon lost again to Lacson, Drilon and company, got himself fired by Duterte for implementing a defective law (which by the way Drilon admitted) these senators pushed until it became a law.

If you’d recall, retired broadcaster Jay Sonza posted something on Facebook explaining why Drilon and Lacson are mad at Faeldon.

Yes, you’re right. It was the same thing that Faeldon said in 2017.

Speaking of Drilon, another netizen revealed that Drilon made a request to Faeldon when he was the Customs Chief that was rebuffed. You can read it again below as Mike Waldorf talked about it.

However, when you reflect on what Faeldon said in 2017 against Lacson, knowing what we know, Waldorf was convinced that Faeldon was telling the truth.

It was for this reason that Waldorf published a long FB post regarding the Lacson-Faeldon feud to help the public connect the dots and expose Lacson, Drilon and company for what they really are – the enemy of the people pretending to the crusaders and guardians of public interest.

So without further adieu, I urge you to read the long FB post of Mike FW Waldorf and try to connect the dots why Lacson, Drilon and company hated Faeldon so much that if only they are asked what to do with Faeldon, they would rather see him sent to Mars or some planets other than Earth so that it’s business once again pre-Faeldon days.

TANONG NG MGA SENATONG KATULAD NI LACSON, PLAYER KA BA? (Referring to Former Bureau of Customs Commissioner Nicanor Faeldon)

FLASHBACK: Noong unang nag-attend ng senate hearing si Faeldon, way back 2017 and early part of 2018, hindi po ba may dalawang senators na gumawa ng “illegal” request noong nasa Bureau of Customs pa si Faeldon?

As early as 2016, these two senators made an illegal request to him which Faeldon never approved of. Dahil nga alam ni Faeldon na bawal. BAWAL, BAWAL, at talagang BAWAL. Pero etong dalawang senador na eto eh hindi lang minsan naghingi ng pabor sa isang bawal na bagay. Inulit pa. But again, bawal di ba? Kaya tinanggihan sila ni Faeldon. Eto po sila:

1. Senator Franklin Drilon – he requested to meet with Fealdon twice to sign a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) between the BOC and the office of Chairperson of National Historical Commission of the Philippines, Maria Serena Diokno agreeing that the customs house in Iloilo will be renovated using funds allocated by Sen. Drilon to the NHCP. The said museum will house the NHCP museum and at the same time the office of the Bureau of Customs in Iloilo. Faeldon was being forced to sign the MOA because the fund was available but was simply sitting for two years and it will be reverted back to the treasury.

2. Senator Vicente Tito Sotto – he asked Faeldon twice to appoint one Bureau of Customs, Director of Inelligence Eric Albano who had been working at the Bureau of Customs for 42 years but never discovered an anomaly in the BOC.

FAST FORWARD sa senate hearing where Faeldon is being questioned about his involvement in the release of almost 2,000 heinous criminals, sino ang andodoon sa hearing? Ayan iyong mga hinayerpaks din na senatong. Andon si Gordon, si Drilon, si Lacson. Could they not inhibit themselves for the reason that it is sort of “conflict of interest” na ang pagmamando nila sa senate hearing?

Bakit ba sina Gordon, Lacson, Drilon, at Trillanes ay mainit ang ulo kapag si Faeldon ang iniimbistigahan nila? Hindi po ba CONFLICT of interest kung tutuusin ang dahilan ng kanilang pag-upo sa senate hearing dahil nga sila mismo eh dapat sanang questionin sa mga transactions na tinatawag na illegal?


Here’s a take from Faeldon during the senate hearing about the smuggling cases in the Bureau of Customs:

1. Si Trillanes sanay nang maglubid lubid ng kasinungalingan kaya hindi ko na siya pinapansin.

2. Coming from Senator Lacson, I was shocked when he came out under the cloak of senate’s immunity. I asked him, why sir, why were you destroying the reputation of officers we both know to be not corrupt? What is your motive?

Let us refresh our memories as far as Faeldon’s side is concerned: Out of 23 appointive posts in the Bureau of Customs, only six from his team was recommended by Faeldon. Seventeen (17) were never recommended by Faeldon.

Also, during Nicanor Faeldon’s first six months of his stay (where there are only six in his team out of around 3,000 employees) at the Bureau of Customs, he already suspended more than 800 importers and 65 brokers and his cancellation or suspension of these individuals’ permit was based on Warrant of Seizure and Detention (WSD). It was obvious then that there was severe violations being conducted at the Bureau of Customs and anytime, those who are involved in illegal activities will be investigated.

Here are some more details of Faeldon’s stint at the Bureau of Customs wherein he discovered the deeply entrenched system of corruption in this agency:

Nicanor Faeldon assumed the office of the Bureau of Customs as a Commissioner on July 1, 2016. On the twelfth day of assuming office at the Bureau of Customs, Faeldon was approached by a young Job Order (Jo) Officer and a board exam top-notch in the board exam for the Bureau of Customs who is working in his office. This young officer reported an anomalous transaction in a ship that is full of cement, 50% of which were meant to be smuggled.

The issue here was: only about 50% of the tariff was declared ($8 per metric ton was being paid as compared to prevailing market price which is $16 to $20 per metric ton). The shipment was then being undervalued and it was a case of SMUGGLING. In the case of Panfilo Lacson Jr. or Panfilo Lacson III, the son of Senator Panfilo Lacson, four incidents of alleged undervaluing of the cement’s tarriff’s cost were observed by the staff of Faeldon: A total of 67 cement shipments was conducted by Panfilo Lacson Jr. alone through his Bonjourno company in a span of two years. Of the four incidents, the following volumes and cost were recorded by dates and location of shipment:

July 12, 2019: Legazpi, Iloilo – Volume of cement shipped was 6, 600 metric tons; cost was Php 34 Millions

July 13, 2019: Dadiangas, General Santos – Volume of cement shipped was 5, 202 metric tons; cost was Php 29.9 Millions

July 15, 2016: Legazpi, Iloilo – Volume of cement shipped was 13, 000 metric tons; cost was Php 74.75 Millions

October 10, 2016: Legazpi, Iloilo – Volume of cement shipped was 4,250 metric tons; cost was Php 25 Millions

*Based on 50% undervaluing of tariff, it could be estimated that: $ 52,800 could have been made as a payment for the tariff on July 12, 2019, $ 41, 616 on July 13, 2019, $ 34,000 on July 15, 2016, and $ 104,000 on October 10, 2016.

So aside from smuggling as a criminal case, RA 7394 Article 77 makes the smugglers guilty of committing fraud by not declaring the proper name of the business company they own. Faeldon questioned : how in the world can someone like Lascon Jr. who paid a capitalization of Php 20,000 in 2015 be able to afford paying for 67 shipments of cement?

Sixty seven cement shipload are worth billions when it goes out to the market.

Ha ha ha ha! Hindi po ba marami nang empleyado ang naalerto sa ginawa ni Faeldon dahil anytime eh pwede silang maimbistigahan at makasuhan? Ayon kay Faeldon, eto ang kinakatakutan ni Senator Lacson dahil mismong involved ang anak niya. At dahil dito nagkaroon ng imbestigasyon ng Blue Ribbon Committee tungkol sa nadiskbureng 6.4 B worth of shabu aiming their gun on two birds (Davao vic-mayor Paolo Duterte and the president Rodrigo Roa Duterte) on the alleged involvement of shabu smuggling that involves the Davao vice-mayor to probably cover up about other smuggling activities involving the politicians themselves.

So, who are the specific persons being destroyed by Lacson which Faeldon and Lacson both know to be fighters of corruption? Some noteworthy names to mention are the following:

1. Retired Major General Natalio Ecarma – PMA class 81 – was accused by Lacson to be on the take for receiving money at the Bureau of Customs

2. Deputy Commissioner Gerardo Gambala – a pastor and a fellow of Faeldon in fighting corruption during GMA’s time – was also named by Lacson

3. Director Milo Maestrecampo – a fellow of Faeldon in fighting corruption during GMA’s time – was also named by Lacson

4. Director (lawyer) Atty. Alvin Ebreo – a fellow of Faeldon in fighting corruption during GMA’s time – was also named by Lacson

So, the question of Faeldon before was, what is Lacson afraid of? He further explained, “I am talking about Lacson because as far as i am concerned, the way I perceive him, he was the most sane yet among the senators. Why? Because he is the only one who is not receiving pork barrel. Today, I am throwing back this question to you, Senator Lacson, player ka ba?”

FIN! End of the flashback!

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