US-based Sorsoganon frowns on Chiz Escudero’s “we need as healing President” statement, tells Chiz to buy a mirror for self-exam

Former Senator Chiz Escudero was asked by Dateline Philippines on what type of President the Philippines needs in 2022?

The incumbent Sorsogon Governor responded that what the Philippines needs in 2022 is a healing president. A president that heal the economy that was damaged by the pandemic, heal our people and our wide political divide.

Do you agree with Chiz Escudero that we need a healing President in 2022?

If you asks blogger Edwin Jamora, a US-based accountant and Sorsogon native, Escudero is damned wrong.

Jamora believed that our economy is fine and it will recover as soon as the pandemic is over. It does not even need a President because we have a top-notch economic team handling it.

“Our economy is fine. It will heal itself. In fact, it is doing very well. It doesn’t even need the President because we have a top-notch economic team handling it.”

Jamora also frowned on Chiz Escudero’s assertion that the Philippines needs a president who can heal our wide political divide if there is any, they are just the miniscule 3%.

Jamora advised Chiz and company to borrow Boy Abunda’s mirror, este buy a mirror for self-examination because as far as Jamora is concerned, his kind is afflicted with different types of malady which he enumerated below.

“Finally, there is no political divide. Nothing. If there’s any problem, it is confined to the 3%, and all they need to do is buy a mirror, reflect, and self-examine because their problem is that they are afflicted with the following disease:”

  1. Holier-than-thou mentality (Sila lang ang magaling)
  2. Virtue-signaling (makatao, makadiyos kuno)
  3. Pontificating (Kung pumuna at makapag-lecture parang never silang nagkamali, na dapat bongga pa ang pag-thank you natin sa pag-pontificate nila.) as in “da neyzyon shud teynk may pader bikoz ebri noypi now haz pridam op zelp-eksprezyon, pridam op izpitz en prez pridam bikoz may lep n rayt eggz zi pader ko.”
  4. Condescending (Mapangmaliit, mapanglait)
  5. Cognitive dissonance (Kahit sandamakmak na mga ebidensya at witnesses ay ayaw pa maniwala kasi taliwas sa alam nila) – like diktador din si Icon of Democracy.
  6. BBSS – as in NoyNoy times 2. Bilib na bilib sa sarili. “No one can top my achievements.”
  7. Foot-in-Mouth Disease – mga hipokrito sila.

There,” Jamora exclaimed at Chiz Escudero and his pals.

Dateline Philippines


Source: Edwin Jamora

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