US-bound seaman arrested for bullet possession in NAIA

Seaman arrested for bullet possession in NAIA Terminal 2

Yesterday, overseas Filipino workers reacted angrily after President Aquino told reporters that ‘tanim-bala’ incidents at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport was over-sensationalized by the media.

But how about this? Another overseas Filipino worker was arrested on Friday night for alleged possession of live bullet, hours after the last group of APEC delegates left the country.

Mark Angelo Yunida, a US-based seaman bound for Los Angeles, hurdled the first security at the NAIA Terminal 2 departure area without any glitches.

After getting cleared in the Immigration section, the seaman was stopped in his track when a bullet from a 9mm pistol was allegedly found in his wallet as he passed through the final security check.

US-bound seaman nabbed for bullet possession

US-bound seaman nabbed for bullet possession

The US-bound seaman instinctively disown the bullet found in his wallet. He claimed someone bumped him as he was leaving the airline check-in counter.

Despite his pleadings, the seaman was detained at the PNP Detention Center at the NAIA Terminal 1. At 1 AM, on November 21, 2015, PAO Atty. Divi Bless Depante secured the release of the visibly shaken seaman.

Mark Angelo Yunida requested the PAO lawyer to accompany him to his manning agency PTC where he could stay for the time being.

Yesterday, the airport authorities filed charges against the seaman pursuant to R.A 10591 at the Pasay Prosecutor’s Office.

Meanwhile, after the arrest of the US-bound seaman, President Aquino was asked about the ‘tanim-bala’ and he answered the issue was blown out proportion.

The President explained that only 1200 incidents of ‘tanim-bala’ cases occurred at the airport considering that there are 34 million passengers that uses the airport terminal every year.

He said that the incident is being exploited by people with vested interests to benefit from the issue.

Do you agree with the assessment of President Aquino on the ‘tanim-bala’ incidents in our airport terminals? Please share your opinion on this. Thank you and God bless us all!

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