US Department State document confirms Grace Poe officially lost her US citizenship in 2012

A document from the US Department State document confirming Grace Poe officially lost her US citizenship in 2012 has been doing the rounds online.

In a Facebook post, a netizen named as Ed Gayos published a document if proven to be true, could extingush any hope of Grace Poe ever winning the Presidential race.

If she did win, her win could be short-lived when the case is brought to the PET (Presidential Electoral Tribunal) and decided she is after all, not qualified to run for the Presidency.

Based on the document from the US Department of State under the Bureau of Consular Affairs, the senator and presidential aspirant lost her US citizenship formally on February 3, 2012.

The document entitled “Certificate of Loss of Nationality of the United States” belongs to Senator Grace Poe as alleged by the netizen.

The only question now is, is this document legitimate and not the handiwork of her rivals out to malign the senator and bring her presidential aspiration down with it?

For now, the concerned citizens could only wait for the response of the senator’s camp and the next move of her rivals.

Meanwhile, as per document in the possession of PhilStar, it appears that the senator filed a formal request renouncing her US citizenship in July 2, 2011. Please refer to the image below.

Credits to PhilStar

Credits to PhilStar

The senator’s renunciation of her US citizenship was approved officially on February 3, 2012 based on the document below.

Sen. Grace Poe Loss of US Nationality document

Credits to Ed Gayos

This is confirmed by another US government website that indeed Senator Grace Poe officially lost her US citizenship on June 30, 2012 as per Internal Revenue Service records. Please check the link here.

Poe's Certificate of Loss of Nationality dated February 3, 2012.

Posted by Ed Gayos on Tuesday, March 22, 2016


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