US investor’s P78M donation to Rappler’s Filipino managers make International law expert to boil in anger: “Gagohin nyo pa kami. Id1ots!”

Yesterday, the news that the Omidyar network donated $1.5M to the managers of the embattled news website Rappler stuns and angers the internet.

If you’d recall, Rappler vehemently denied receiving foreign funding after the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) ordered the suspension of Rappler’s license to operate.

But, that was in January!

When it appears that the SEC is standing firm on its decision, Omidyar Network made the boldest decision and decided to donate its investment worth $1.5M to Rappler’s 14 Filipino managers, viewed by the internet as a move to skirt foreign ownership issues.

International law expert Paula Defensor Knack, the late senator Miriam Santiago’s sister, shared the same sentiment with the internet and slammed Rappler, telling the news website to stop fooling the public.

On Facebook, Knack writes:

VIRAL !! ……….Sinong IDIOT magbibigay ng $1.5 MILLION DOLLARS sa Pinoy reporters (raw) kung wala syang CONTROL ? Talagang this was made to circumvent the constitutional prohibition.

May kaso na, nasara na, tapos magdonate …. ULOL ! The fact that the foreign owners donated a huge amount of money after the SEC decision proves that they were IN FACT VIOLATING THE ANTI-DUMMY LAW.

HOW STUPID ! CAUGHT LIABLE COVERING UP THE CRIME ! Isang crime pa lang yon ang ownership ha, marami pa.

GAGOHIN NYO PA KAMI? Mga PDR pa ginamit nyo?! 👊👊👠🇵🇭️

SEC Commissioner Tess Herbosa, lintekan mo nga sila ! Ayan U.S. graduate yan, Salutatorian sa College of Law, totoong legal expert yan in litigation!

Knack, who has a knack for posting memes on Facebook, posted the graphic below for the benefit of readers who prefer such medium.

Gene Rodenas Francia remarks: “Ang tingin yata ng rappler sa lahat ng Pilipino ay Bobo at madaling utuin while Bengene Bernardo says Rappler’s move won’t fly even to non-lawyers with common sense: ” We need a better quality of crooks these days, walang challenge – kahit hindi abogado pero meron common sense these maneuver of Rappler won’t fly.”

Your thoughts?

Source: Paula Defensor Knack

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