VACC accuses gov’t of double standards – lax on drug trade in NAIA, but strict on single bullet

Looking at the passengers in NAIA unabashedly walking around with their luggage heavily wrapped in plastics, whether local or foreign traveler, is not a pretty sight to behold!

Whether you are an honest NAIA employee or just an ordinary Filipino, such a surreal scene would definitely make you cringe at the sight because it is a strong rebuff of who we are as a Filipino.

Out of fear and desperation, many netizens are suggesting a total revamp of the Ninoy Aquino International Airport management from top to bottom including the uncle of President Aquino, NAIA General Manager Jose Angel Honrado.

VACC accuses gov’t of double standards

However, no one bothers to question why the NAIA management is hell bent on strictly implementing Presidential Decree Number 1866, as amended by Republic Act 8294. This is the law that the scalawags in the NAIA are using to intimidate their Tanim Bala victims.

Why so harsh in implementing the said law when Filipino drug smugglers freely passed through our super ‘strict’ NAIA security? asked Boy Evangelista of VACC (Volunteers Against Crime and Corruption) during a TV interview.

In a report filed by a Hong Kong-based newspaper recently, four Filipinas traveling from Manila were arrested at the HK airport for possession of cocaine weighing at 2.5 kg. The four Filipinas traveled in pairs on separate dates on September 25 and September 27 respectively. They already made a court appearance at Tuen Mun Court very recently.

The Customs and Excise Department in Hong Kong, estimated the street value at 3.1 million dollars.

According to Boy Evangelista of VACC, the money involved in drug trafficking is obviously bigger than that of the Tanim Bala perhaps, the government should focus more on the illegal drug trade than that of the wayward bullets whose origins are at best, questionable.


Congressman Manny Pacquiao made an announcement that he is offering free legal assistance to the Tanim Bala victims. The victims may contact his office in for more details.

Senator Cynthia Villar recently filed a Senate resolution calling for a Senate inquiry of the spate of Tanim Bala cases in NAIA.

Senator Ralph Recto also reminded the PNP to get rid of the 1.9 million loose firearms in the country instead, rather than focusing on a shakedown against wayward bullets in the country’s airports. He said, stopping the Tanim Bala incidents requires revisiting the law the encourages its commission. The senator is referring to Presidential Decree Number 1866, as amended by Republic Act 8294.

In light of the impending Senate inquiry, Boy Evangelista of VACC is keeping his fingers crossed that something good will come out of the investigation and hope that this is not another inquiry in aid of re-election of the Senators.


Former NAIA Asst. Manager Peter Mutuc of Airport Security and Inspectorate Office in a radio interview with DZMM said things will get worse for all travelers during the Christmas season, not because of the syndicate but due to the lack of control by the Manila International Airport Authority on airport security.

Do you agree that NAIA security is quite lax on drug trade?

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