Vaccine Express is NOT OVPs project for the LGUs but the LGUs project for the OVP — International relations expert

International relations expert Sass Rogando Sasot of the the FB page For the Motherland – Sass Rogando Sasot isn’t impressed with Leni Robredo’s Vaccine Express project because according to her, the project is simply to make Leni Robredo smells and looks good to the public and hopefully win their votes in the coming polls.

Sasot arrived with such conclusion by quoting Robredo herself explaining the main problem encountered by LGUs in the vaccination drive.

Leni: So tingin ko iyong sikreto talaga sa pagbilis ng deployment—iyong LGU iyong tingin ko iyong deployment niya wala masyadong problema pero iyong supply, iyong supply talaga.

On that note, Sasot can’t help but ask Robredo regarding her claim that her pet project Vaccine Express is about the rapid deployment of vaccine when the problem, which she also noted, is the supply.

Question: So bakit ang Vaccine Express is about sa pagbilis ng deployment eh problema pala eh supply? Shouldn’t you instead help in speedying up the supply?

Sasot supplied the answer to the question above for the convenience of her Facebook followers.

Answer: Because the voters aren’t in the supply location. Leni has to go to the site where vaccines come from in order to make any difference in the supply of vaccines and not where the voter are located. But Leni needs vote for 2022. So kebs sa supply side, even though she herself identified that the problem is supply and NOT deployment.


An hour later, Sasot made a follow-up post reiterating her assertion that Leni Robredo’s Vaccine Express is a misnomer serves no purpose but for Robredo’s posterity. Simply put, the Vacciness Express is not OVPs project for the LGUs but the opposite.

LGUs supply the vaccine, plan the roll out, and select the categories for Mama Leni’s Vaccine Express. The OVP simply supply manpower and administer the vaccines, and document Leni’s presence. Since MOST of the aspects of the Vaccine Express project of the OVP are performed by the LGU, Vaccine Express is NOT OVPs project for the LGUs but the LGUs project for the OVP. Voila! Leni is the Best na! 🤣🤣🤣


Source: For the Motherland – Sass Rogando Sasot

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