Veteran ABS-CBN news reporter and Duterte critic George Cariño, VP Leni Robredo’s godson in 25th wedding anniversary?

As Mark Lopez puts it, “Media has always been proud and adamant of its lofty status as the watchdog and fourth estate.” But the VP as godparent of an ABS-CBN reporter? Mark says this is wrong.

Credits to Mark Lopez

In a Facebook post, Mark Lopez, social media blogger and a Duterte supporter, takes a swipe at George Cariño, for putting himself in a situation where he must balance his work and personal relationship with Ninang Leni Robredo without compromising public interest.

According to Lopez, VP Robredo is one the godparents of the 25th wedding anniversary of ABS-CBN reporter George Cariño.


Two things very very wrong with the photo below of a recently concluded 25th Wedding Anniversary where prominent politicians acted as godparents.

One, this is where patronage politics begin, and where propriety ends. And we all know that when patronage politics creeps in, what follows are influence peddling, graft and corruption, and ultimately, plunder.

Two, what happened to ethics in the journalism profession? What about integrity? How do you now disprove bias, favoritism and unfairness when you lock in a personal relationship with public officials you are supposed to watch over?

Media has always been proud and adamant of its lofty status as the watchdog and fourth estate.

So what now Jorge Cariño? How do you now treat Ninang Leni?

How awkward it must be that before you interview her on a breaking news about a scandal involving her, your approach would be “mano po Ninang”

Peeps, what say you?”

The post has been getting quite a stir on social media, getting a 300 plus shares, 879 reactions and 165 comments and counting on Facebook an hour after the post was published on Facebook especially among Duterte supporters.

Gie Tigley Lanza remarked: “This just answered my questions why this Carino seems to hate the President so much. It’s crystal clear in his manner of biased reporting that I stopped watching all Abias-CBNs shows altogether..”

Michelle Clarke wrote: “He has always been hostile to this government. As evident on one of his morning show episodes when a correspondent was reporting on rehab projects, he was mumbling “sino pa ang irerehab pinatay na lahat.” Kaya pala ninong at ninang kasi. Honeslty tho what is this penchant for getting popular people on weddings and baptisms?”

ee Gee Cee said: “This is equivalent to burying his (George’s) credibility & integrity as a journalist, and the media outfit (ABiaS CBN) where he belongs. Say goodbye now to ur career George!”

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