Veteran Ambassador to UN’s exposé how PNoy admin secures victory over China in WPS row goes viral

Retired SC Justice Carpio and the dilawans won’t be happy while reading the statement of Ambassador Rosario Manalo regarding PH-China issues on West Philippine Sea.

In a graph shared by PTV News, Ambassador Manalo said it was not even an arbitration panel. That was just a Philippine panel, handpicking people who were there and there, the very issue we want and we paid for their time. Ambassador Manalo stopped short of saying that the PNOY admin bought a favorable decision from the Permanent Court Arbitration panel.

That is what China is in question, Ambassador Manalo said. She clarified she was saying all this not trying to be traitor to the Philippines because she loves our country. But it wasn’t right. However, the very fact that the decision was given, it has brought to the attention of the world that we have a basis to do some claiming on the South China Sea. But, it does not fine anybody.

It was just a position taken by the Philippines and with the arguments we are giving. Now if there is a new process of settling the issue, Ambassador Manalo said the Philippines will participate. She said President Duterte was right. Set that aside and when the right time comes, we will release it.

The graph from PTV News has gone viral in just 4 hours since it was posted, generating10,800+ reactions, 2,177 shares and 1,300 comments and counting.

Ambassador Manalo’s statement has divided the opinion of netizens but majority as shown by their comments have favorable opinion towards the Ambassador.

Commenting on the thread, one netizen wrote: “Very well said madam, masyado kasing bobo at tanga si Antonio Carpio na walang alam tungkol sa International LawAng alam lang ni Carpio ay Dilawan Law ng Kabobohan 😂😂😂

“Sa madaling salita, parang mga latang walang laman ang kabilang kampo,” said another.

On one hand, the critics of the Duterte administration does not want to hear any Ambassador Manalo’s statement.

“She better read the 501-page tribunal ruling. Despite China’s non-participation in the proceedings, the ruling was nonetheless binding, permanent, and unappealable to both China and Philippines,” one netizen wrote.

“May babae na palang traydor sa bayan…kasi nasa china siya…ambasadora kapit lang manang sip sip pa more,” added another.

“Kelan ang proper time kapag nawala na si duterte? Isa ka ding traydor,” another critic of the Duterte admin commented.

BTW, according to Wikipedia Ambassador Rosario Manalo is a career diplomat, political scientist, and educator in the Philippines. She is the Special Representative of the Philippines to the ASEAN Intergovernmental Commission on Human Rights and has served as undersecretary of Foreign Affairs in charge of International Economic Relations from 1997 to 2001.


Source: PTV News

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