Veteran diplomat and maritime expert Alberto Encomienda supports the position of Pres. Duterte on the Recto Bank issue

While opposition critics have been hard on the President’s handling of the Recto Bank incident, he found an ally from a veteran diplomat and maritime expert in the person of retired Ambassador Alberto Encomienda.

Encomienda appeared recently on News5 One News’ Agenda hosted by Cito Beltran.

Check out what Encomienda has to say on PRRD’s handling of the Recto Bank incident.

The premises that relates to the actual incident has been said and I must say it again that if we bring in the President Duterte here, he has not been seen to do anything or say anything but precisely I thought he has done correctly in the diplomatic side.

He did not probably say it right away or in timely way but his point was in the investigation is still going on and that is why I said…you know in the stature of the President, in fact in this very roiled (turbulent) social condition, I would in fact expect him to say, “Stay calm. We are undertaking investigations and we will inform you as things go.”

At the same time, some attention must be given to the victims,” Encomienda said.

Netizen Leiuqexe Lacringa lauded the veteran diplomat for supporting PRRD’s approach on the issue.

if you have a better understanding of what happened and have a broad spectrum before you speak, certainly you know exactly how to respond–this veteran diplomat understand better…

Netizen Primitivo Lumayno declared that 99% of Filipinos also support PRRD’s handling of the issue.

99% ng pilipuno nasa panig ni duterte.ang mahihina lang ang utak ang ayaw sa pahayag nya.dilawan syempre.

Netizen Richard Archival Carvajal said it best the President did rush into making statement while for the investigation finish. Listening to speculations do not help that is why he wants to talk to the boat captain to know the truth. Unfortunately, the boat captain backed out.

nagaanatay ang pangulo na matapos ang imbestigasyon bago siya magsalita, mali ba yun? facts ang kailangan niya hindi haka2x, gusto niya sanang makipagusap sa kapitan upang malaman ang totoo pero umatras ng walang sapat na dahilan, tapos sasabihin niyo tikom ang pangulo ,alam ng lahat na kakarevive pa lang ng mgandang relasyon ng dalawang bansa, gusto niyong masira nanaman ng ng dahil sa hindi nagiingat.

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#Agenda | Veteran diplomat and maritime expert Alberto Encomienda supports the position of Pres. Duterte on the Recto Bank allision issue, saying waiting “calmly” for the results of investigation is the correct way to respond to the incident.

Posted by ONE News on Monday, June 17, 2019

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