Veteran investigative journalist Manuel Boy Mejorada reveals 4 strongest leads to prove Kim Chiu’s “ambush” story staged or fake in YouTube vlog

Veteran investigative journalist from Iloilo Manuel Boy Mejorada revealed in his YouTube vlog that he discovered 4 strongest leads to prove Kim Chiu’s “ambush” story was staged or fake.

“Bilib na talaga ako kay Ms. Kim Chiu,” Mejorada greeted the viewers of his vlog.

Mejorada said that after the alleged shooting or ambush, Chiu thought about taking photographs of the bullet slug found beside the window of her van. “Pagkatapos mangyayari ang pamamaril sa kanyang sasakyan noong Miyerkules, March 4, 2020 diyan po sa Quezon City. Naisipan nya pang kumuha ng pictures ng isang bullet slug na natagpuan sa mya tabi ng bintana.”

Not only that, Mejorada commented that Ms Chiu also took pictures of areas where there were bullet marks from the gun of the riding-in-tandem and uploaded these photos on her Instagram, account. “Kinunan din ni Ms. Chiu ang mga lugar sa kanyang sasakyan sa may bintana kung saan tumama ang bala galing sa baril ng riding in tandem at pinost pa niya ito sa kanyang Instagram account @chinitaprincess. Ito po ang kanyang inapload sa kanyang Instagram account.”

Mejorada the showed the Instagram photos Ms. Kim Chiu including slug, the bullet entry points in her van etc.

Mejorada continued his vlog and as usual greeted the viewers and introduced himself to those who just new to his YouTube channel.

Mejorada said that it has been four days since the shooting incident occurred and yet, there has been no new reports or developments from the special investigation task force formed by the QCPD to investigate the ambush incident.

Mejorada remarked that his forte is investigative journalism and claimed he helped exposed the anomalies of Senator Franklin Drilon and his cousin, former Iloilo Mayor Jed Mabilog including links of the mayor to the illegal dr*g trade and now hiding in the US.

Moving forward, Mejorada proudly announced that after 3 days of investigation, he has now three strong lead that might point the police to the right direction and find out the truth of the Kim Chiu case.

Mejorada said he found the leads right in the IG post of Ms. Kim Chiu.

But before he revealed his findings, Mejorada urge the viewers to watch the vlog of Ms. Kim Chiu, showing the inside of of her van, to give netizens an idea where Chiu take her seat or position and the location of the sofa bed when she likes to lie down to rest while in transit.

After watching the short clip, we now know like Mejorada where Chiu take her seat – behind the driver or the Captain’s seat on the left side of the van.

In light of this information, Mejorada noted where the bullet marks and the slug was found – at the right glass window of the van, the opposite side where Chiu usually takes her seat.

Mejorada reckoned that either the gunman did not have an inkling where Ms. Kim Chiu usually sat or he deliberately fired at the wrong side of the vehicle.

Mejorada recalled what he said in the previous video, before the gunman executes his task, the gun-for-hire will study all the possible information of his target and the target’s vehicle. Mejorada said all the information he needed can be found in YouTube, which is a public knowledge because the video has 4.6M views already.

At this juncture, Mejorada said he will no longer prolong the suspense and reveal what he discovered. He said Kim Chiu’s IG post will verify that the alleged ambush was fake.

Evidence #1 The bullet photographed and found at the side of the window.

First, Mejorada asked where did the bullet penetrates or make an entry in the glass window where a bullet mark can be found? According to Mejorada, it appears no penetration can be found or hole can be found. If indeed the bullet made an entry in that side, why did the bullet end up there? Mejorada asked if they think the public are that stupid?

Evidence #2 If that bullet made an entry on that side, the bullet should have landed on the opposite side of the vehicle. There is such a thing as trajectory of the flight of the bullet which is normally straight, especially when the surface it hit is not hard. Based on the IG post of Ms. Chiu, Mejorada had the impression that the bullet was deliberately placed beside the window.

Evidence #3. If the bullet hits the target, it will deformed. You will not usually identify as a bullet. Just like the inset photos of bullets pointed by Mejorada showing different deformities after it was fired and hit a surface. The bullet slug photographed by Ms. Chiu showed no deformities, inconsistent with the appearance of a bullet that hits a solid surface and the glass window of Chiu’s van was hard, which was bullet-proofed according to the actress, right? In this light. Mejorada concluded that the bullet slug was planted evidence to confuse the police and the public.

Evidence #4. Why there was a bullet mark at the driver’s window? Mejorada asked if the suspects maneuvered to the other side and started shooting? Mejorada said he found it hard to do since there were MMDA plastic barriers located in the other side.

Finally, based on the pictures, no bullets managed to penetrate the windows and lodged inside the vehicle. Mejorada concluded that the windshield and glass windows of the vehicle are bullet-proofed. That is why, the police should invite Ms. Kim Chiu to explain these things.

“Sorry to say this, but Kim Chiu was lying and her Instagram post will serve as exhibit A for the police,” Mejorada concluded his vlog.

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