Veteran journalist blames Manny Pacquiao’s bloopers of exposes to 3rd force behind demolition campaign to sabotage boxer’s presidential bid

Manuel Mejorada, a veteran journalist from Iloilo, offered an intriguing theory regarding Manny Pacquiao’s bloopers of exposes were the results of a demolition job perpetrated by another presidential aspirant to undermine Pacquiao’s chances.

Mejorada said that his long years as a journalist tells him something is not right with the exposes of the boxer turned senator who failed to achieve its purpose. Instead, he was criticized rather than receiving pats on the back.

“My long years as a journalist tell me there is something deeper in the bloopers of “exposes” made by Senator Manny Pacquiao recently.”

Mejorada suspected that the Pacquiao bloopers were not a coincidence but a deliberate move by a third force to show what a piece of garbage Pacquiao is and remove him from the equation.

“This could be a deliberate demolition campaign – an implosion – designed by a third force to show what a piece of political garbage Pacquiao really is and get rid of him as a presidential contender.”

Mejorada have every reason to believe that Pacquiao can easily fall for this traps because he is too naive and the saboteur is an expert in psywar.

“Pacquiao is much too naive. It is not the Duterte administration that he is going up against. There is a wolf in sheep’s clothing coaxing him to hurl baseless accusations against the Duterte administration. That wolf is an expert in psychological warfare.”

If the saboteur behind the operation succeeded in eliminating Pacquiao from the presidential derby, the mastermind might end up as the lone contender and throw everything at the Duterte administration to hopefully reap the fruits of their labor.

“Once Pacquiao is eliminated, this wolf will have the playing field to himself. Then it will throw its firepower at the Duterte administration as the lone contender.”

“Call it a hunch,” Mejorada clarified.

Here’s what netizens think of Mejorada’s theory.

“Could be right sir boy, 1st they divide the party , then character assassination, then cases all of which are baseless,” remarked a netizen.

“Exactly my thoughts, sir. Pakyaw won’t be able to catch up. He has a very weak educational foundation which resulted in a very poor comprehension problem, defective critical thinking process, and narrow-mindedness. It’s so obvious because he does not even understand the basics, so much so that his utterances are so uneducated, too pedestrian, and baseless. His comparison of handling a boxing match, a one-on-one sport, to governing a nation of 110M population is already too problematic,” agreed another netizen.

And another…“I guess so! This early, the speculators behind the curtain seems silent, perhaps reading the prevailing situation and timing to launch his final blow while keeping himself free from mud slinging out of his own mouth by putting it to someone else’s mouth!”


Source: Manuel Mejorada

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