Veteran journalist posts Pnoy’s full psychiatric report on Facebook and asks the internet: You decide who’s really nuts?

Let’s admit it! President Duterte has made a lot of enemies, two years into his 6-year term as Philippine president.

His critics have thrown every tricks in LP’s black propaganda playbook, but Duterte’s approval rating in SWS and Pulse Asia surveys remain high.

Perhaps, Duterte’s critics think that attacking the president using the psychological record he submitted when he filed for annulment would do the trick, just as Sereno’s psychological record has been effectively used against her.

However, veteran journalist Jojo Robles quickly downplayed LP’s ploy, calling it as a “not-so-slick-lie” on Facebook.

Robles bared that “pleading insane” in annulment proceedings for the dissolution of marriage to be granted is a tried and tested strategy.

So when then Mayor Duterte applied for annulment, he had no other recourse but to “plead insane”.

“Sereno’s psychiatric report, submitted as a requirement for her elevation to the court, is way different,” Robles argued.

Robles remarked that the same also applies to PNoy’s psychiatric result.

“As is this one, prepared a long time ago by respected Jesuit psychiatrist Father Jaime Bulatao about a young man named Benigno S. Aquino III.”

Robles ended the post by urging the public to look at PNoy’s psychiatric report and decide who’s really nuts: Duterte or PNoy?

“Largely suppressed during the Noynoy years, here is the full Bulatao report. You decide who’s really nuts.”

Lawyer Tom Berenguer shared Jojo Robles’ sentiment and writes:

“Psychological incapacity for purposes of the declaration of nullity of marriage is no big deal. In fact, the psychological incapacity will only pertain to the marriage being declared void; it does not affect one’s capacity to marry per se.

On the other hand, psychiatric incapacity is serious. Just count how many lives and opportunities were wasted.”

Your thoughts?

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