Vic Sotto’s daughter raises eyebrows among netizens after endorsing Leni Robredo’s prexy bid, dropping Lacson-Sotto tandem

Vic Sotto’s daughter Paulina Sotto Llanes has been raising eyebrows on social media after declaring her support for Leni Robredo’s presidential bid, saying being related does not obliged her to support or promote someone simply because of you are related to them or connections.

However, radio host and known pro-Duterte socmed blogger Mark Lopez doubted if Paulina Sotto Lllanes’ endorsement of Robredo would translate into votes. Lopez asked if Paulina Sotto Llanes is aware of what is happening in the country because she is based in the US?

Of course, Lopez can’t help but speculate whether Paulina is part of the huge, well-orchestrated and well-funded Leni supporters who are into it because they are a believer but lured and made to believe?

Lopez also found Paulina’s cryptic message about not necessarily supporting a relative quite confusing since her Uncle Tito is not running for President so he is not directly going against Robredo.

Lopez wondered why Paulina needed to be vocal about it. He asked if Vic Sotto’s daughter was sending the message she isn’t endorsing the Lacson-Sotto tandem?

If the answer is in affirmative, Lopez can’t help but pity them because even their relatives dropped them like hot potatoes.

You may read Lopez’s original FB post below.

So the daughter of Vic Sotto is a supporter of Madumb.

That’s ok. It’s her right. But my question is – will it translate to that very important action – voting for her?

Because ain’t she an immigrant? She is based in the US and not sure if she is even a Philippine registered voter.

Is she even aware of the real score and situation here in our country?

Or is she a part of the huge, well-orchestrated and well-funded Leni “supporters” who are not doing it because they believe, but because they were lured and made to believe.

PS Her cryptic message about not necessarily supporting a relative is quite confusing. Her uncle Tito Sotto is not running for president so he is not fighting against Madumb.

Wonder why has to voice it out. Is she saying na hindi nya endorse ang Team PISOT.

Kawawa naman itong tandem na ito. Pati kamag anak nilaglag sila.


Source: Mark Lopez

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