Video: After name-and-shame campaign, Duterte plays guessing game with reporters

Once again, President Duterte has proven that he is indeed a master of using the media to keep his enemies on their toes.

In the video, a lady reporter from Davao City asks something along the line if Duterte had figured it out before and during the election that his critics will not rest in undermining him.

Check out the transcript of the interview below. (Note: It’s not perfect but you may fill in what I’ve missed wathcing the video.)

Reporter: Na-curious lang po ako, along that line with what’s happening on the political side, with the Chief justice and everything, have you had this figured out while you were campaigning before or during the election that things would happen this way if you got elected?

Duterte ribbed the lady reporter for asking the intriguing question but the president obliged and provided an equally interesting reply that has become the most talked topic today as of this writing.

Duterte says,”I know I am the favorite whipping boy of the NOGS and human rights stalwarts, but i have something very special in store for her.”

He went on to describe the lady government official as a give away to the reporters.

“She is a government official and one day soon, I will bitawan ko yan, in public and I will have to destroy her in public.”

“Any clue?” the reporter asked.

“Hintay lang kayo,” Duterte replied. “Akala nila, di rin ako nakikinig sa kanila. while all the time, they were also listening to what I’ve done. I’ve also been busy but with the help of another country, I’ve listening to them. It’s a mali daw yun, unlawful sa Recto law. Pero kagaya sa shabu, kung di mo mahuhuli sa kanila, wala man silang kaso. Kagaya ko, kung di ako nahuhuli nakikinig sa yo, wala din akong kaso. The remaining statement of the President became rather sketchy.

The Duterte video has sparked a frenzied guessing game on social media minutes after it went online.

The Duterte Riddle: Someday i will destroy her in PUBLIC.

The Duterte Riddle: One day soon, bibitawan ko yan, i will destroy her in PUBLIC. Hintay lang kayo."
Sino kaya ang tinutukoy niya?

Video Credit: PTV

Posted by The PH Times on Thursday, August 11, 2016

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