Video: Business establishments running waste directly into Manila Bay anger social media

A video highlighting the lack of regard of business establishments for the environment has sparked anger on social media.

Facebook user Minco Fabregas resorted to internet shaming in the hope of starting a public outcry against environment violators.

Fabregas noted that businesses are running their waste directly into Manila.

As of this writing, the video has gathered 57,656 views, 518 shares and 59 comments.

The video has angered netizens following Fabregas’ exposé and made their sentiments known by commenting in the thread.

Bojoe Caballero remarked this practice should not continue. City government should not allow this!”

RogieAnne Meria said this is a no-no. Whoa whoa…that’s a no no!!!!”

Dante Espiritu Reyes asked if these businesses have no water treatment. wala sila water treatment?”

Jack Castañares Patentes wants this reported to the government. Pls report this to the government.”

Jeis See asked why the Manila government allowed this. Bakit hinayaan ng MANILA Govt? Erap nabigyan ng permit to.”

Ace Sese said: A total disregard for the future 😔😔😔”

Leila D. Bagos  remarked:  “Ganito din kung paano nasisira ang boracay. ilang taong walang pakialam ang gobyerno sa kalikasan. basta may makuhang tax sa businesses.”

Puring Patmore  commented: Environmental department should look into this, if it exist at all, if not someone tell the President to create one ASAP to sort this mess. Polluted water means infection..illness..non treatment..will lead to DEATH!! Act now.”

Richard Gehring noticed something is wrong with the video: I don’t know how factual this is based on the camera pan, however, I do know that The Bay is polluted and way more needs to be done.”

Zenaida Bautista Ruiz remarked: DENR and City govt..aksyunan nyo yan…”
Trisha Raymundo wrote: “dis is the thing nakita naten last time we went there 😡””
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