Video: Criticized for lambasting Mexican drug trade in front of its ambassador; Duterte wins the praise of netizens though

Mayor Duterte has been criticized for lambasting the illegal drug trade in Mexico in front of the Mexican ambassador but wins the praise of supporters.

Duterte slams Mexico video 1

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In a news article shared by GMA News Network recently, Duterte earned the flak from critics for what they call a display of behavior unbecoming of a President and critics called Duterte “bastos.”

In the article, it was learned that Mayor Duterte was invited to speak before the National Association of Independent Travel Agencies.

Bakit pupunta ka ba sa Mexico ngayon? Are you going to Mexico with all the kidnappings and killings there? Drugs. Colombia. Everywhere. America. (Why? Were you planning to visit Mexico now? Are you going to Mexico with all the kidnappings and killings there? Drugs. Colombia. Everywhere. America.

When the organizers signaled to Duterte that the Mexican ambassador is seated beside Senator Alan Peter Cayetano, it was then that Mayor Duterte realized the faux pas and immediately made amends. You may read the full news report here.

Yes, the Ambassador is there. I am sorry.

Meanwhile, critics of Mayor Duterte quickly pounced on his diplomatic faux pas and made an issue out of it, obviously to slow down his climb to the top of the survey ratings. Let us read together their negative comments on Duterte.

Richard Chiu wrote:

Duterte is truly no class and clueless about being a diplomat. As cursing the Pope is not enough, he now curse the entire nation in front of the nations representative.

But hey, not like Filipino has that much class and knows how to behave in front of foreign guests. Duterte and Filipino is just made for each other.

Arjee B. Labra wrote:

Anu nalang sasabihin ng ibang bansa sa atin. Maapektohan ang relasyon ng Mexico at Phils. Tunay ngang maka China ka.. bakit di mu tirahin ang China na sinasakop ang buung western shore ng bansa. Dun mo epakita na matapang ka. (What will other countries say about the Philippines? Surely, it will have an impact on Mexico-Philippines relation. You are indeed pro-China. Why not slam China who is invading our western border? Show your bravery there.

Ben Krudo Naku wrote:

Digong bago ka pumuna ng problema ng iba ayusin mo muna sarili mong bakod, davao na nga lng ung sayo at nasa pangangalaga mo ito ng 21yrs d mo nga na supress droga dito tpos problema sa mexico pinupuna mo? Tpos tong mga dutertards naman tuwang tuwa naman khit iniinsulto n ng diyos nila ang ibang bansa d nlang nila inisip na may mga pinoy sa mexico na pwedeng paginitan tsktsk digong style ng kampanya mo para mkkakuha ng boto ay ung siga siga effect ngyn ko lng narerealize ang dami pa tlagang bobotante 70yrs old ka na digong bunganga nlng matapang syo! (Digong before your nitpick the problems of other people/countries, fix your backyard first. Take the case of Davao City, which you ruled for 21 years; you are a failure in suppressing the drug problem here, but you have the audacity to criticize Mexico? And then the Dutertards, they were laughing though their god (referring to Duterte) is raining insults on other countries, not realizing that there are Filipinos in Mexico and they could be subjected to retaliation. Tsk.tsk.tsk. The Digong style of campaigning to win votes is the tough guy tactic. Just now, I have come to the realization that indeed, there are many dumb voters. Digong, you are already 70 years old, what remains of your brave self is your mouth.)

But Duterte’s followers don’t take things sitting down and came out charging like cornered tigers. Let us read together, how they won the comment battle.

Ann Brookes Gallardo-Santiago wrote:

So? I mean who cares if the ambassador of Mexico was there. That’s a fact. Mexico has a lot of drug cartels, I mean tons of methamphetamine being cooked every single day. This is all over the news. Wag nang gawan pa ng issue GMA News. ( Stop making an issue of this GMA News.)

Vinnie Rocha wrote:

He was just being truthful and the Mexican ambassador knows it too. When did it become a crime telling the truth? Kayo ba pupunta ba kayo ng Mexico sa mga panahong ito na laganap ang pagpugot ng ulo sa mga kalaban ng mga drug cartels? (Do you want to visit Mexico at this time when many beheadings are happening to the enemies of the drug cartels?)

Dada Loy wrote:

No problem yan kahit sa harap pa ng Pres ng Mexico. Totoo nman talaga grabe ang drugs doon cocaine pa at heroin. (I don’t mind Duterte speaking against it even in front of the Mexican President. It’s true. The drug problem in Mexico is rampant there. It’s even cocaine and heroine.)

Josie Mallete wrote:

Well, its but true naman na mas malala ang drug trade sa mexico. Again, deterte just setting an example in short nagpakatotoo lang cya. Go Mayor, its your time to sit in malacanang. ( Well, its true that the drug trade in Mexico is worse. Again, Duterte is just setting an example. In short, he was just being true to himself. Go Mayor, it’s your time to sit in Malacanang.

Sì Yuè Berdejo Adora wrote:

Duterte is just telling the truth about the drugs here in Mexico. Normal trading na nga sa ibang lugar pra ka nlng bmbli ng candy. Lalo na sa tepito. ( It’s normal trading in other places (Mexico), it’s like buying candy. More so in Tepito.

Dpa nmn maxado dito sa DF, but outside the city, matutulala ka nalang. The ambassador knew it well. (Not that baD in DF, but outside the city, you will be stunned! The ambassador knew it well!)

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