Video: Grace Poe shows inconsistency on one important question why she became a US Citizen

Grace Poe had been ask by reporters on several occasions why she had to apply for US citizenship and the answer she provided evolved with time.

In the first video from Philippine Daily Inquirer, Grace Poe opted to get US citizenship for the simple reason that her husband and kids are all based in the US and all are US citizens so it was but natural for her to go to that route.

In the second video from Rappler, Grace Poe’s lawyer responded to the same question from Justice Mariano del Castillo why his client applied for US citizenship and the reason put forward this time is different. The video was taken during the first day of the Supreme Court’s hearing on the senator’s citizenship and residency issues.

The lawyer said that after the 911 attacks in the US, permanent resident card holder had a hard time getting job in the US so for the sake of expediency, Grace Poe decided to apply for US citizenship. Her application was subsequently granted by the US government.

SC Justice: Why did Poe give up PH citizenship?

Supreme Court of the Philippines Associate Justice Mariano del Castillo opens the firing salvo during the oral arguments on the disqualification case of presidential bet Senator Grace PoeFull story:

Posted by Rappler on Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Meanwhile, in his column in Manila Times, Rigoberto Tiglao wrote a post entitled “Citizenship by convenience” to talk about the depth of Grace Poe’s reason why she had to give up her Philippine passport in exchange for a US passport and then switches back to Philippine passport later on.

Let me post an excerpt of the post by Rigoberto Tiglao to give you an idea why the post was given such title.

I was expecting her to say that she renounced her US citizenship when she realized that she wanted to serve the country of her birth and of her parents, whoever they were.

But instead, she matter-of-factly said she had to do that since her appointment as head of the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board REQUIRED IT.

What can you say about her different answers on the same question being asked then and now?


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