Video: Guns, Goons and the Presidency of Rodrigo Duterte; netizens respond positively

A video documentary from Aljazeera about Mayor Rodrigo Duterte entitled, “Rodrigo Duterte: Guns, Goons and the Presidency” is doing the rounds recently.

Mayor Duterte in Aljazeera documentary

The video was posted on the YouTube channel called Aljazeera English on April 7, 2016 and has since generated 3,046 views as of this Friday evening and growing.

In their own words, Aljazeera described Mayor Rodrigo Duterte in a nutshell and quote:

Filipinos love an action man, not just in the movies but in politics too. And you can’t get more of an action man than politician Rodrigo Duterte. His hometown, Davao City, was once a violent no-go area overrun by criminals.

But he turned it around when he became mayor, wielding brutal tactics including, allegedly, death squads. Now the hard man of city hall wants to take on the presidency and despite – or maybe because of – his fearsome approach, this outspoken statesman has a real chance of winning the top seat.

The video was hosted by Steve Chao and produced under the 101 East production.

The video responded positive reviews from netizens. Let us read together their comments below.

Herman Suico11 wrote:

Filipinos cannot find another Duterte in 10 or 20 years as long as the money is the main objective of every politicians vying for the highest position of the land instead of being a servant of the taxpayers, the Filipino people.

Ernesto Dela Cruz wrote:

I doubt if they can make a documentary from the other candidates as good as this they are all bunch of traditional politicians who steal the people’s money and disregards the complaints of the citizens with zero to little accomplishments to boot. Mayor Rody Duterte is the best candidate even though his ways are harsh as long as this can benefit everyone in a long period of time then I’ll willingly support him

S M A RAHMAN5 wrote:

Wow.. That kinda politician need in South Asian countries!

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