Video: Heart-pounding rescue of two people caught in the middle of an angry river in Blue Water Cave goes viral

A heart-pounding rescue of two people stranded in the middle of a rampaging river in Bukidnon was caught on amateur video.

According to the video sender, the near tragic incident occurred at the popular Blue Water Cave in Quezon, Bukidnon on Sunday morning June 25, 2017.

The video sender wants the video to serve as a warning to the public to be careful when going outdoors.

In the video, a woman can be heard getting hysterical as she watched in horror while her friends hang on for dear lives as the angry flood water threatened to sweep them away from where they stand.

It took the rescuer several attempts before the stranded couple got hold of the rope.

But lady luck smiled on the two adventure seekers that day as their male companions managed to swing a rope to their side, allowing them to cross the raging river safely though visibly shaken.

Before ending her post, the video sender reiterated her word advice to people planning to visit Blue Water Cave to be careful.

She also thanked God for saving her friends from certain death.

As of this writing, the video has gathered 144,000 views, 2,164 shares and 3,000 reactions on Facebook.

Blue Water Cave, a restricted area?

A netizen from Quezon clarified that the Blue Water Cave is not restricted.

Sergs Anthony Toledo Dacay  wrote: Taga Quezon here 👋👋👋,. Dili man na restricted area dihang dapita, maanhaan jud na diha actually. Timing Lang jud nga nagbaha maong naabot na dihang dapita sa kusog nga tubig. Tanong ko Lang, nganong naabot man pod na sila diha? Ug nganong wa man sila nanghawa diha sa wa Pa nitaas Ang tubig nga mabantayan man unta Na ug nagkakusog na Ang tubig? Hmmmmmmp? Ok, never mind! Bye! 😂😂😂😂”  (Translation: From Quezon here. This is not a restricted area.  People actually go here.   It just so happened there was a flood, thus they got this far because of the strong current.  Just a question, what were they doing there? And why did they refuse to leave when the water was not still high?  You can tell if something is not right by looking at how the river behaves? Hmmmp? Ok, don’t mind it.)


Video here:

Posted by Bisaya Pay Imo on Monday, June 26, 2017

In case you’re asking where the hell is the Blue Water Cave, you may watch the video of Kyle Jennermann aka Kulas and he will give you a tour of the famed tourist spot of Bukidnon.


The moral lesson of the story: Stay alert if you go river swimming. Watch the horizon. If it’s raining in the mountains, get out of the river as fast as you can.

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