Video: Indisputable proof that VP Binay is not truthful in his TV ads

A video uploaded by a concerned netizen suggests that VP Binay is not really truthful in his TV ads is doing the rounds online lately.

VP BInay lies

According to the video creator, VP Binay is lying when he claimed in his TV ads that he is someone who grew up poor.

The Vice-President started projecting the poor boy image in the 2010 vice-presidential run said the video creator.

In one of his TV ads, VP Binay claimed that his mother died when he was still a boy because his family did not have enough money for the medical treatment of his mother.

This may sound a bit cliche but the fish is indeed caught by its mouth. The videos below are a proof of this.

In the videos, VP Binay was asked by a reporter to explain his millions in the bank. Uncharacteristically, VP Binay contradicted his TV ads. How? He said that he inherited part of his money from his mother since they were not really poor.

In another video, VP Binay explains that he earned his millions in a legitimate way like inheriting part of his money from his parents, again contradicting his claim in his TV ads that he grew up poor.

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