Video: Ms. Gina Lopez admits leaning towards Duterte to Karen Davila because they share the same advocacy

A video of Ms. Gina Lopez talking why he is leaning towards endorsing the candidacy of Mayor Rodrigo Duterte has been doing the rounds online.

Gina Lopez interview admitting she is for Duterte 1

screenshot image of Ms. Gina Lopez and Karen Davila

In a Facebook post shared 1431 times as of Friday afternoon, the Facebook Page the “Netizen” published the video interview of Ms. Karen Davila of the purported endorsement of Ms. Gina Lopez, a member of the Lopez family, hated by the Duterte supporters for being biased against their beloeved candidate.

In the video, Ms. Karen Davila asked Ms. Gina Lopez about the viral post that talked about her endorsement of Duterte during the PMAP Summit on Clean Air and Climate Change held recently in Sofitel Philippines Plaza Manila. This is what she has to say in response to the question.

I feel that you know since this is my stand, is that the way out for our country is to keep our environment clean, and to do things in such a way that it is inclusive so that everyone will benefit and it needs a certain level of gutsiness…you know like a noble fight.

Because you can either have a corrupt politician or you can hsve a weak politician and they are both not good. And the reason why I am leaning towards Duterte because of his gutsiness and “tapang” (courage) and he is against mining and has not allowed any mining in Davao.

He said in several footages that this is not good (mining) because the people are not benefitting. I have footages and he is gutsy and matapang (courageous). And if he doesn’t like something, he is not gonna do it and I feel at this point in time, Again this is personal…inaudible after the word personal.

When Karen Davila asked Ms. Gina Lopez if she doesn’t fear allegations of Duterte having martial law tendencies, this is what she has to say:

You know there is pros and cons but if you look at Singapore, Lee Kuan Yew, I mean he was like a benevolent dicatator. If he didn’t come out strong like that, you wouldn’t have a Singapore. I am a dictator in the foundation.

It can be recalled that when the news report about the alleged endorsement of Gina Lopez of thr ABS-CBN Foundation came out, many Duterte supporters felt that the news is fake while some were asking for a video proof.

Now, the video proof has surfaced, this issue has been settled for now.

What can you say about this post? Is she sincere? Do you welcome the endorsement from someone whose family has been critical of Mayor Duterte?


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