Video of a security guard maltreating a homeless woman sparks online outrage

A video of a security guard maltreating a homeless woman in Bacolod City is doing the rounds online.

Bacolod Capitol Lagoon Scandal

In a Facebook post shared 4822 times as of Sunday, the video of the Facebook Page Gugma Pa More sparks an outrage among netizens, condemns the security guard in the viral video.

According to the male voice in the video, the security guard actually hit the homeless woman in the back with a stick before he started recording the incident on video.

During the course of the 2-minute plus video, the security guard can be seen kicking the old woman to scare the mentally-challenged woman away from the vicinity of the building he is keeping watch.

The old woman, apparently in fear, scooted her way out of the building as the security guard feigned hitting her by whipping the stick and hitting the hand railings instead.


The inhumane treatment accorded by the security guard to the mentally-retarded homeless woman at CAPITOL LAGOON in Bacolod City angered netizens who managed to watch the video.

One netizen condemned the act and wrote:

No matter what angle you look at it, no one has the right to hurt a mentally-retarded woman …I hope justice is served for the poor woman.

Another netizen wrote:

That security guard is crazy. He deserves to be kicked and whipped with the bamboo stick.

Another netizen joined the conversation and offered her view on the matter.

The security guard is bad. However, did the individual taking the video made a move to stop the security guard from further harming the poor woman?

May ari ta di concerned citizen nga nagpasa sakon sang video nga natabo sang January 23 sang isa ka GUARD sa CAPITOL LAGOON nga ginakastigo ang isa ka OLD WOMAN nga MENTALLY RETARDED. We know nga gina-ubra nyo lang ang responsibilidad nyo Manong Guard pero ngaa kinanglan ta manghampak kawayan kag manipa sang tawo, and take note ha, MAY DEPERENSYA PA SA PAMINSARON. I'm sorry but against guid ko sa ginhimo ni MANONG GUARD!PLEASE DO SPREAD!- ADMIN BUSLOT

Posted by Gugma Pa More on Thursday, February 4, 2016

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