Video of partylist Congressman caught harassing a NAIA Security personnel because he was frisked goes viral

A partylist representative has been drawing flak on social media after a video showing him harassing an airport security personnel surfaces on social media.

The Facebook page RBREEZY posted the video on its page for the purpose of putting the spotlight on the unacceptable behavior of a politician and a lawmaker in public.

Based on the caption provided by RBREEZY, the NAIA Terminal 2 ‘harassment’ incident involving Rep. Bertiz III happened on September 29, 2018.

According to RBREEZY, Security Condition LEVEL 2 ALERT was implemented on the date state above wherein all passengers including airport employees are required to remove their shoes upon entering the FINAL SECURITY CHECKPOINT.

At 6:45 AM, a man in navy blue polo shirt and sporting an eyeglass passed through the final security checkpoint who was identified by RBREEZY as ACTS OFW Partylist CONGRESSMAN JOHN D. BERTIZ III.

Just as Rep. Bertiz prepares to passed by the Screening Officer on duty, the latter frisked the partylist representative which is a standard procedure for security purposes.

Initially, Rep. Bertiz appeared not to mind the frisking and went on to pick up his things from the x-ray conveyor.

But after picking up his things, he turned towards the Screening Officer, shoved his ID to the poor guy and when the screening officer just shrugged off his bullying tactic by turning his back, Rep. Bertiz proceeded to confiscate the poor guy’s ID, apparently to get the identity of the screening officer.

If you think Rep. Bertiz was done with the poor guy, you’re wrong.

Rep. Bertiz allegedly personally requested MIAA General Manager Ed Monreal to remove the Screening Officer from his post.

Rep. Bertiz III sa NAIA

WATCH: Viral ngayon ang video ng pang-aaway umano ni ACTS OWF party-list Representative John Bertiz sa airport personnel ng NAIA Terminal 2. Nag-ugat ang insidente sa pagpalag umano ni Rep. Bertiz sa security check. Narito ang pahayag ni Rep. Bertiz ukol sa insidente, sa balitang hatid ni Tricia Zafra.

Posted by GMA News on Saturday, September 29, 2018

You may read RBREEZY’s caption below.

Insidente sa NAIA Terminal 2 Domestic Departure, Kung saan mayroong Security Condition LEVEL 2 ALERT na ipinatutupad. Lahat ng Pasahero at Empleyado ay kailangan mag tanggal ng sapatos sa FINAL SECURITY CHECKPOINT. September 29, 2018 6:45AM nang Pumasok si ACTS OFW Partylist CONGRESSMAN JOHN D. BERTIZ III sa Final Security Screening pero binalewala lang ang Screening Officer at hinarass sabay nginudngod ang kanyang ID sa mukha ng OTS Personnel. Pag katapos mag pakita ng kakisigan agad na kinuha ang ID ng kawawang Personnel. Sa puntong ito ay napakarami na ang na violate na Security Protocol ng nasabing Congressman. Agad nyang pinatawag ang MIAA General Manager Ed Monreal para tanggalin ang pobreng Screening Officer.

ANYARE CONGRESSMAN? Simpleng Instruction lang di pa natin magawa at feeling natin e napaka makapangyarihan nating tao? Arrogante lang? CONGRESSMAN KA PA LANG, ano kaya pag mas mataas na posisyon mo?

BTW, Bertiz is the same congressman who drew flak in the PRC oath taking 🙂

The video has been getting mixed reactions on social media, mostly angry and jeering comments directed at Rep. Bertiz.

As of this writing, the RBREEZY video starring Rep. Bertiz has gone viral, generating 16,000 plus shares, 7,669 reactions and 6,811 comments on Facebook.

Shortly after the video went viral, Rep. Bertiz reportedly shut down his social media accounts due to harsh reactions of netizens.

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